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Puerto Rican Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. La Casa de los Cortes

This name uses the Spanish phrase "house of cuts" to describe a restaurant that serves delicious cuts of meat. "Casa" lets patrons know that your restaurant is a friendly, cozy gathering spot.

2. Rico's Kiosk

Puerto Rico is well-known for its tasty seafood, so this catchy name is a good choice for a food stand or truck that uses freshly caught fish, mussels, and shrimp to create mouth-watering dishes.

3. Isla Dulce

Translating to "sweet island," this charming name is great for a Puerto Rican restaurant or café that specializes in sweet treats and dishes. It will also suit an island-theme bar that sells sugary beverages.

4. La Broma Bar

This funky name means "the joke bar" in Spanish and is the perfect descriptor of a Puerto Rican bar and restaurant that wants patrons to feel welcome and enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and laughs.

5. Fiesta Criolla

A memorable and fun name that refers to a principal cooking style in Puerto Rico known as "Creole cooking." A sublime choice for a Puerto Rican restaurant that caters to parties or large events.

6. Beachside BBQ

This alliterative name conjures images of a lovely roasting smell wafting through the air and tasty nibbles being enjoyed under an umbrella on the beach. Superb for a seaside Puerto Rican food truck.

7. CapitalRum

A straightforward name that refers to Puerto Rico's status as the rum capital of the world. It will suit a restaurant or bar that specializes in rum-infused dishes and beverages.

8. Empanadas Paraíso

Empanadas are a staple in Puerto Rico cuisine, so this cute name lets patrons know that your traditional delicacies are superior. "Paraíso" sounds idyllic and is a nod to Puerto Rico's island lifestyle.

9. La Ruta

Translating to "the route," this creative name suggests that your Puerto Rican restaurant should be on any culinary enthusiast's list of places to visit.

10. Café La Compañía

A dynamic name that means "the coffee company" in Spanish. It's sure to grab the attention of coffee lovers and is ideal for a Puerto Rican restaurant that serves specialty brews.

More Puerto Rican Restaurant Name Ideas:

Catchy Puerto Rican Restaurant Names:

  • Spice & Cocoa.
  • Isla Sabrosa.
  • The Tequila Bucket.
  • Alimento Palace.
  • The Dulce Spoon.

Creative Puerto Rican Restaurant Names:

  • ¡Ay Bendito!
  • Caribbean Views.
  • Hanguiar Restaurant & Bar.
  • Abuella's House.
  • Duro Cafe.

Fun Puerto Rican Restaurant Names:

  • The San Juan Eatery.
  • Mojito's.
  • PuertoPlate.
  • El Rey Sabroso.
  • Rojo's Hut.

Inventive Puerto Rican Food Truck Names:

  • Salsa Snax.
  • Señor Verde.
  • Cajun&Creole.
  • Goteo.
  • The Plantain Guys.


Where can I find a Puerto Rican restaurant name generator?

You can our business name generator to create a unique name for your Puerto Rican restaurant. Once you've secured the best one, head over to Zarla to design a fun logo for your business.

What should I name my Puerto Rican restaurant?

A great Puerto Rican restaurant name should capture the scope of your offerings while remaining true to your brand's voice. Start by considering your menu's ingredients and intended audience as sources of inspiration. See our collection of Puerto Rican restaurant names for ideas or use NameSnack to create one of your own.

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