Mexican Restaurant Business Name Ideas


Business Name


1.Got Guac?

A witty name that harnesses alliteration to leave a lasting impression.

2.Taco Train

Simple but memorable. Offers tons of great logo inspiration.

3.Mi Queso Es Su Queso

Super catchy. Bonus points if some of your dishes include a Spanish twist.

4.Burrito Banter

Ideal for a laid-back spot that serves delectable, unpretentious food.

5.Furious Tamales

A lighthearted, memorable name. Consider including a few super spicy options on the menu!


Blink twice and your delicious enchiladas will be gone.


Perfect for a restaurant that serves virtually every conceivable Mexican dish.

8.Royale Mexican

Could work well for a beautifully-designed establishment. Offers tons of logo opportunities.

9.Merry Mexican

A festive-sounding name that hints at friendly service and great conversations.

10.Tasty Tostadas

An alliterative name that's fun to say aloud.

How to Name a Restaurant

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What are some well-known Mexican restaurant names?

  • Chipotle (Mexican Grill).
  • Taco Bell.
  • El Pollo Loco.
  • Qdoba Mexican Eats.
  • Del Taco.

What are some funny Mexican restaurant names?

  • Got Guac?
  • Furious Tamales.
  • EnchiNada.
  • Mi Queso Es Su Queso.
  • Burrito Banter.

Where can I find a Mexican restaurant business name generator?

NameSnack can create thousands of great Mexican restaurant names for you. Simply follow the prompts and you'll have results within seconds. If you see a restaurant name you love, remember to check that it's available before you register it.

What are some catchy Mexican restaurant names?

  • Taco Train.
  • EveryMex.
  • Royale Mexican.
  • Merry Mexican.
  • Tasty Tostadas.

What are some cool taco restaurant names?

  • Taco Brain.
  • Furious Tacos.
  • Tucks' Tacos.
  • Tipsy Tacos.
  • Every Taco.

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