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Spanish Restaurant Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Gazpacho Party

Festive-sounding. Great for a spot that serves soups, salads, tapas, and other light meals.

2. Salsa & Salmon

A fun name for an establishment that offers light meals and an inviting dance floor.

3. El Solomillo

Translates to "The Sirloin." Ideal for an eatery that's serious about cooking up great meat.

4. The Local Spaniard

Perfect for a friendly, inviting spot run by a hands-on owner.

5. La Paella Grande

Suggestive of warm food and cheerful conversations. Sounds like a great pick-me-up spot!

6. Chocolayse

A catchy, lyrical name. Befitting of a restaurant that serves mouth-watering desserts and chocolate treats.

7. Paella Street

A simple name that foregrounds the restaurant's specialty.

8. Tapas Boulevard

Where clients can journey taste their way through Spain by trying a little bit of everything.

9. La Gallinita

A cute, fancy-sounding name that translates to "The Little Hen."

10. Tasting Majorca

Think pa amb oli, tumbet , ensaimadas, and more.

How to Name a Restaurant

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More Spanish Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Funny Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Tortilly.
  • Pan y Paellas.
  • Shy Patatas.
  • The Master of Peppers.
  • Crazy Croqueta.

Catchy Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Broken Eggs.
  • Jay's Jamon.
  • Home of Churro.
  • Sabor Ibérico.
  • Good Granada.

Unique Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Yummy Pamplona.
  • Bread & Tomate.
  • The Red Oxtail.
  • Black Rice Bistro.
  • Pil Pil Plate.

Good Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Mussels & Tigers.
  • The Sangria Diner.
  • Hungry Torero.
  • The Sunny Lemon.
  • Tapas Everywhere.

Professional Spanish Cafe Business Names:

  • Horchata Coffee Bar.
  • Milk and Zumo.
  • One Coffee, One Siesta.
  • Freshly Cortado.
  • Magdalenas Mugs.

Great Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Dine Andalusia.
  • Flamenco Feast.
  • Quick Queseria.
  • The Madrid Eatery.
  • Tasty Turron.

Cool Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • Salmorejo World.
  • Chorizo's Palace.
  • The Squid's Casita.
  • Spanish Vegana.
  • Tia's Delicacies.

Creative Spanish Restaurant Business Names:

  • The Ailoli.
  • El Poblano.
  • Sofrito Express.
  • Gusto Addicted.
  • Lola Pil Pil.


How do I choose a Spanish restaurant name?

  1. Round up all your Spanish restaurant name options.
  2. Discard ones that don't capture the essence of your restaurant.
  3. If you're trying out Spanish names, check that you've translated them correctly.
  4. Use a business name generator for inspiration.
  5. Ask likely customers for their input.
  6. Check if the name is available and secure it.

Where can I find some Spanish restaurant name ideas?

You can take a look at our list of examples for inspiration.

What are some well-known Spanish restaurant names?

  • Txikito.
  • Toro.
  • Contigo.
  • Casa Mono.
  • é by José Andrés.

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