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Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Dockside Catch

Ideal for a restaurant that serves freshly-caught seafood.

2. Jolly Jambalaya

A fun, cheerful name that's made memorable by the use of alliteration.

3. Taste of the Ocean

Foregrounds the nature of the business without being too obvious.

4. Reeled In

A snappy name that references the process of catching fish.

5. Shoreside Redemption

Derived from a popular film. Bonus points if the restaurant is situated close to the ocean!

6. Little Lobster

Cute and non-pretentious; qualities that can be difficult to convey when serving high-end food.

7. Seafood on a Stick

Perfect for a mobile restaurant that offers bite-sized options.

8. Local Seafood Emporium

Promises a wide selection of fresh, locally-caught seafood.

9. Foragers

A memorable one-word option that could work for a wide range of seafood restaurants.

10. Little Kayak Seafood

A darling name for cute seafood restaurants. It offers tons of inspiration for a logo, as well as the design of the restaurant.

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More Seafood Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • The Cultured Lobster.
  • Island Oyster House.
  • Crackle Crab Shack.
  • Coastal Crush Seafood.
  • Maritime Prawn Shop.

Funny Seafood Business Names:

  • Caught Up Cuisine.
  • Sea It Kitchen.
  • Oh My Cod!
  • Adjust Ur Scales.
  • Sole Sisters Seafood.

Creative Crab Business Names:

  • Crabby Carbs.
  • My Shellfie Stick.
  • Crustacean Cuisine.
  • Ocean Blue Crab.
  • Rockin' Crust.

Cool Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Salmon Says Restaurant.
  • Fintastic Feast.
  • House of Tempura.
  • Pisces Emporium.
  • Ocean Star Eatery.

Unique Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Souper Seafood Kitchen.
  • Fish 'n' Hook.
  • Salmon Prime.
  • Crab Royale.
  • Finny Foods.

Clever Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas:

  • Shrimply Amazing Shop.
  • Well Armed Squid & Calamari.
  • Bass Frens Bar.
  • Mr. BigFish.
  • Sea These Shrimp!

Professional Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Anchor'd Ocean Cuisine.
  • Heaven's Hake.
  • The Pescado Place.
  • Sakana Voyage.
  • The Reef Seafari.

Good Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Crabby's Tavern.
  • House of Mariscos.
  • The Captain's Pot.
  • Tasty Fry.
  • The Glorious Catch.

Original Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Taste of Tropicana.
  • The Salty Pier Seafood.
  • Gusto Fresh Fish.
  • Tuna Crew Co.
  • Gourmet Reef.

Creative Seafood Restaurant Names:

  • Sea The Point Bar & Grill.
  • The Last Craw.
  • Below Deck Bar.
  • Eat Cray Love.
  • FryDay Seafood Grill.

Good Shrimp Restaurant Names:

  • Shrimply The Best Seafood.
  • Totally Fried Tempura Bar.
  • Prawn 2B Wild.
  • Krill Out Seafood Lounge.
  • Keep It Shrimple Sushi.


How do I choose a seafood restaurant name?

  1. Gather all of your name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  2. Weed out any that are difficult to spell and pronounce, as well as those that could be misleading.
  3. Ask potential customers to offer their feedback.
  4. Comb through your feedback systematically to find the best-loved ideas.
  5. Check if the names are available.
  6. Secure the best name.

Is there a seafood restaurant name generator?

Yes, NameSnack is a free and easy-to-use tool that can create scores of brandable name ideas from a few input keywords.

What are some well-known names of seafood restaurants?

  • Bahama Breeze.
  • Joe's Crab Shack.
  • Red Lobster.
  • Long John Silver's.
  • McCormick and Schmick’s.

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