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Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


Restaurant Name


1.Barbecue Board

Sounds elegant and conveys meaning. The use of alliteration aids memorability.

2.Salad Nut

Perfect for a salad bar, or for a restaurant that features salads prominently on its menu.

3.Wholesome Herbivore

For a plant-based eatery that serves hearty, nutritious meals. Alliteration makes this a catchy one.

4.Mr. Rice Guy

A play on the phrase "Mr. Nice Guy." Great for a sushi restaurant.

5.The Local Treehouse

Seems like a vibrant but cozy spot to catch up over a meal.


For an eatery that serves a wide range of warm meals or salads. Great for buffet-style joints.

7.Habitat Italian

Home of authentic Italian cuisine. The recurring "ita" sound makes this a memorable option.

8.Dockside Catch

Suitable for restaurants that serve locally-sourced seafood, and those located close to water.


A combination of the words "experiment" and "kitchen." For a boundary-pushing establishment.

10.Street Tapas

Great for restaurants that serve Spanish dishes that are inspired by their local communities.

11.Crunchy Noodle

Simple but fun. The auditory imagery enhances memorability.

12.Dude Bistro

Ideal for a laid-back eatery that's frequented by locals.

13.Sure Italian

Befitting of an authentic Italian establishment that offers consistently great food.


Derived from "pizza" and "analytical." A quirky name that's suitable for an inventive pizzeria.

15.Casa Steakhouse

Suggests warmth and openness. Ideal for a steakhouse that celebrates connection.

16.Stacked Bistro

Where generous meals are served at affordable prices.

17.Toss Wrapped

For a restaurant that serves salad wraps and other nutritious meals.

18.Dished Diner

Alliteration served as a mnemonic device, but patrons may begin to affectionately call it "Dished."

19.Hangry Holiday

Unconventional but fun. A place where hanger can kick its shoes off until the next visit.

20.Flamed Restaurant

Could work for a barbecue restaurant or for a pizza outlet that offers woodfired dishes.

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

See why thousands of new businesses design their logos with Zarla.

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What are good restaurant names?

  • Tikkaways.
  • Blue Plate.
  • Pine & Dine.
  • Burgrill.
  • Sea Spice.
  • Banana Leaf.
  • Ocean Basket.
  • The View Lounge.

How do I choose a restaurant name?

  • Create a keyword list. It should include words that are associated with your restaurant, including the type of cuisine, culture, ambiance, etc.
  • Add more words by using Google Ads' Keyword Planner.

Can you give me creative restaurant names?

  • Barbecue Board.
  • Salad Nut.
  • Wholesome Herbivore.
  • Mr. Rice Guy.
  • The Local Treehouse.
  • Bowlporium.
  • Habitat Italian.
  • Dockside Catch.

What is a fancy word for restaurant?

  • Eatery.
  • Brasserie.
  • Carryout.

How do you make a catchy restaurant name?

  • Try literary devices such as portmanteaus, alliteration, compound words, rhymes, and/or puns.
  • Use a restaurant business name generator.
  • Test a sample of name ideas within your target market.
  • Pick the most memorable option.

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