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Supper Club Business Name Ideas:


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1.Kale & Ale Vegan Eatery

Catchy. A solid choice for supper club where craft beer is served alongside vegan dishes.

2.Agnella's Little Italy

"Agnella" is a rare Italian name. Fitting for a restaurant that serves lesser-known Italian dishes.

3.Swingin' Supper

Imagine a supper club where patrons can enjoy gourmet meals and a little swing dancing.

4.Sugar Valley Dining

Sounds warm and comforting. Ideal for a supper club where birthday parties can be held.

5.Cuban Smoke Club

Great for a place with a luxury, gentleman's club atmosphere. Think low-lighting, leather, & cigars.

6.Always Organic

Catchy & versatile. Well-suited to a trendy, upmarket supper club for the health-conscious.

7.Clinking Ice

Evocative & enticing. Conjures images of people celebrating and clinking champagne glasses.

8.Freshly Crushed

Simple and modern. Great for a dinner club where the bartender serves designer cocktails.

9.Pepper Fever Restaurant

A clever name for a supper club that focuses on spicy food. Also great for a pop-up restuarant.

10.The Freshest

Minimalist & modern. Great for a supper club that serves live and raw food.


A combination of "supper" and "escape." Suitable for a dinner theater supper club.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some unique supper club names?

  • Kale & Ale Vegan Eatery.
  • Agnella's Little Italy.
  • Swingin' Supper.
  • Sugar Valley Dining.
  • Cuban Smoke Club.

What are some cool supper club names?

  • Always Organic.
  • Clinking Ice.
  • Freshly Crushed.
  • Pepper Fever Restaurant.
  • Supperscape.

How do I go about choosing a name for my supper club?

  • Look at the names of existing supper clubs.
  • Think about the type of supper club you want to start, the cuisine you'll serve, and the clients you want.
  • Make a list of keywords and combine them to form supper club names.
  • Feed some keywords through our business names generator.
  • Share your top names with potential clients.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of existing supper clubs?

  • Vida Verde.
  • Iguana Restaurant & Dance Lounge.
  • Hush.
  • Casa Saltshaker.
  • Muse Berlin.

What are some cool names of underground or secret restaurants?

  • Upstairs.
  • The Safe House.
  • Saam.
  • Swallow Tail.
  • L.U.S.T. (Luke's Underground Supper Table).

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