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Coffee Roastery Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Java Juncture

Where friends, family, and coworkers can meet over a cup of coffee.

2. Pause Roastery

The perfect spot to take a breath during an otherwise busy day.

3. Gourmet Klatch

Ideal for a sophisticated but informal coffee roastery.

4. Java Genics

Sounds scientific, which hints at carefully formulated beverages. Alliteration aids memorability.

5. Farmstead Brew

Suitable for a rustic, homely store — preferably one that's surrounded by lots of greenery.

6. Unfiltered Cup

For an unpretentious store that encourages meaningful connections.

7. Dusk Café

Hints at a warm and inviting atmosphere.

8. Tempean Brew

Ideal for a coffee roastery that has strong Greek roots.

9. Pine Table

An unusual but memorable name that's suggestive of gatherings.

10. Ultra Java

For a spot that serves consistently good coffee.

More Coffee Roastery Business Name Ideas:

Unique Coffee Roastery Names:

  • Dark Calm Coffee.
  • Cinnamon House.
  • Toasted Flavor.
  • The Hot Cup.
  • Milk & Sugar.

Catchy Coffee Roastery Names:

  • Barista Go.
  • A Spoonful.
  • True Roasters.
  • Café Rouge.
  • Roast Mug.

Cool Coffee Roastery Names:

  • The Cool Coffee.
  • Americano Cup.
  • Terra Nova Roast.
  • Java Junction.
  • The Roastery Spot.

Fun Coffee Roasting Business Names:

  • Mellow Roaster.
  • Bean There, Done That.
  • Coqueta Roastery.
  • Coffee Coffers.
  • Roar Roast.

Creative Coffee Business Names:

  • Farmhouse Roasting.
  • Espressonista.
  • Bowl of Joe.
  • See You Latte!
  • Timeless Roast.

Exciting Coffee Roasting Company Names:

  • The Roasting Tower.
  • Coffee Rock.
  • Action Blend.
  • Pop Up Roast.
  • Coffee Me Up.


What should I name my coffee roastery?

Your coffee roastery name should reflect your product, goals, or a relevant characteristic like a location or an ethical stance. Take a look at our list of coffee roastery business name ideas for inspiration.

How do I choose a coffee roastery business name?

  1. Consider your brand and target market.
  2. Identify keywords that best describe your brand and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Ask potential customers for their input.
  4. Find an option that is catchy, reflective of your business's identity, as well as easy to spell and pronounce.
  5. Check the name availability.
  6. Secure the best name.

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