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Coffee Shop Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Joe Junction

Where great coffee meets friendly service. Alliteration makes this a fun and memorable name.

2.Frothed Mylk

Great for shops that accommodate an array of dietary requirements, including lactose-free and vegan.

3.La Cafetière

Befitting of a sophisticated store that offers a wide range of coffee selections.

4.Lazy Puppuccino

For a laid-back, dog-friendly café. The perfect spot to unwind after a run (or in place thereof).

5.The Local Treehouse

Seems warm and inviting. Great for a coffee shop that's nestled within a bustling area.

6.Specialty Sip

For coffee addicts with refined palates. Ideal for stores that stock premium brands.

7.Grande Roast

A place where consumers can sample many types of coffee. Sounds regal.

8.Bean Café

Conveys meaning and is easy to pronounce. Unpretentious.

9.Java Deck

Suitable for a coffee shop that's situated outdoors or close to a body of water.

10.Local Barista

A name designed to help you fit right into your neighborhood of choice.

11.Specialty Beans

For a place that offers exclusive brews. A great spot to host work meetings or to simply indulge.


A simple, brandable name that's suitable for an independent coffee shop or a franchise.

13.Venti Shot

Young and trendy. When a regular-sized coffee just won't cut it!

14.Homebrewed Cup

For a store that specializes in locally-sourced coffee.

15.Unfiltered Beans

An unpretentious coffee shop that serves as a great everyday hangout spot.

16.Chai Blend

Suitable for a boundary-pushing joint that offers unusual but tasty beverages.

17.Specialty Grind

For a coffee shop that sells unique and possibly sought-after blends.

18.Uncurbed Coffee

A cheerful spot that makes for a great place to unwind and catch up with friends, old and new.


A combination of the words "mocha" and "jumpstart." The perfect way to kick off a busy day.

20.Usual Grind

For a store that offers consistently great coffee and a great work atmosphere.

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

See why thousands of new businesses design their logos with Zarla.

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Where can I find a coffee shop name generator?

Use NameSnack — a free, AI-powered tool that can generate thousands of unique coffee shop names. You will be prompted to enter keywords, the type of business under consideration, and a brief company description. NameSnack will also suggest additional keywords that can be used in the name generation process.

What are some examples of coffee shop names?

  • Joe Junction.
  • Frothed Mylk.
  • La Cafetière.
  • Lazy Puppuccino.
  • The Local Treehouse.
  • Specialty Sip.
  • Grande Roast.
  • Bean Café.

How do I choose a coffee shop name?

  • Discard ideas that are already in use.
  • Ask your prospective clients for their feedback on the remaining options.
  • Identify an option that is memorable and representative of your desired brand identity.

What are some Spanish coffee shop names?

  • Casa de los Sabores ("House of Flavors").
  • La Mesa (“The Table”).
  • La Casa Del Árbol ("The Treehouse").
  • La Bicicleta Café ("The Bicycle Café, or "The Coffee-Colored Bicycle").
  • Toma Café ("Drink Coffee").
  • El Ermitaño ("The Hermit").
  • El Nido (“The Nest”).
  • Hola Coffee ("Hello" Coffee).

What are some hipster coffee shop names?

  • Dark Roast.
  • Decaf Rush.
  • Steamed Mylk.
  • Underground Café.
  • Cuppa Beans.
  • Moonshine Café.
  • Cracked Loft.
  • Runaway Barista.

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