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Mediterranean Restaurant Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Silver Sea Breeze

An elegant and inviting name that implies an exquisite Mediterranean-inspired dining experience.

2. True Haloumi

A clean and simple name that implies authenticity and suggests Mediterranean cuisine.

3. Blue Basin Cuisine

A catchy name that fells fresh and evokes images of a warm climate and the Mediterranean sea.

4. The Olive Cafe

A simple but compelling name that implies an easy-going atmosphere in a Mediterranean-inspired cafe.

5. Mediterranean Sea Breeze

A compelling name that paints a picture of a gentle ocean breeze in the warm Mediterranean climate.

6. Bistro Turquoise

Calls to mind the intense blue-green color of its namesake mineral and reminds one of the ocean.

7. Sofia's Orchard

A creative and memorable name ideal for a restaurant inspired by the Italian actress Sofia Loren.

8. Mezze Mode

Using the name of a typically Mediterranean dish gives customers an idea of what to expect.

9. The Bistro Grill

A very continental name that suggests a menu dominated by a variety of grilled meats and vegetables.

10. Mediterranean Flavors

An uncomplicated name that conveys the type of cuisine you serve and implies a rich flavor profile.

Greek Restaurant Business Names

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More Mediterranean Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • Chickpea & Lime.
  • The Olive Delight.
  • Mezze Med.
  • Pita Villa.
  • Tomato on Vine.

Unique Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • The Halva Garden.
  • The Mediterranean Hut.
  • Authentic Santorini.
  • The Cretan Cafe.
  • Sultan's Harvest.

Cool Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • The Malta Pot.
  • Baked Mediterranean.
  • The Big Fat Greek.
  • Chef Myrtos.
  • Shakshuka House.

Modern Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • Lentil & Lamb.
  • Zesty Medi.
  • The Tapas Table.
  • Gazpacho Grill.
  • Caesar's Cafe.

Authentic Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • Mamma's Gyros.
  • Hummus & Honey.
  • Phoenician Delight.
  • Moussaka House.
  • Sun & Siesta.

Good Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • The Grape & Vine.
  • Little Mediterranean.
  • The Spicy Chickpea.
  • A Taste of Tuscany.
  • Aioli Aromas.

Interesting Mediterranean Restaurant Names:

  • The Grilled Leaf.
  • Sea & Orchard.
  • Pita Nook.
  • The Olive Oven.
  • Taste of Ceasar.


How do I come up with a name for my Mediterranean restaurant?

  1. Make a list of words that relate to the character of your restaurant, the Mediterranean, and the dishes you will serve.
  2. Look for synonyms and word associations.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas.
  4. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  5. Review your list and gain feedback from trusted peers.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the best name.

Where can I find a Mediterranean restaurant name generator?

You can navigate to NameSnack to create a unique name for your Mediterranean restaurant. Once you've found the perfect name, head over to Zarla to design an original logo to go with your brand.

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