Fish Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Pearls of Blue

An elegant and understated name ideal for an upmarket fish restaurant. "Pearls" hints at a refined, premium aesthetic and suggests your restaurant offers a rare and desirable indulgence, while "Blue" is a reference to the ocean and a subtle way to suggest that you primarily serve fish.

2. The Salmon Sizzler

This fun and mouthwatering name conjures an image of salmon steaks being fried to perfection, accompanied by a satisfying sizzling sound. Perfect for a family-style restaurant, this name simply rolls off the tongue and is highly memorable, which is no small part due to the repetition of the "S."

3. Davy Jones' Lunch Box

This play on the well-known maritime metaphor for the bottom of the ocean conveys a sense of humor while clearly identifying your business as a fish restaurant. "Lunch Box" suggests quick meals on the go, making this name ideal for a fish food truck or fast food establishment.

4. Jolly Reef

This happy, short, and snappy name brings to mind a colorful and vibrant coral reef buzzing with all manner of sea creatures. It suggests a friendly and easygoing atmosphere, making it a good match for an ocean-themed casual dining restaurant with whimsical decor and a kids' corner.

5. Deep Sea Magic

This powerful combination of terms is a reminder of the vast depths of the ocean and the unexplored secrets and wonders it holds. This name fuels the imagination and will have patrons expecting the most exquisite, tantalizing fish-based dishes they could ever imagine.

6. Triton's Cove

This simple but elegant name can be used for both a casual-style restaurant or an upmarket eatery. Drawing inspiration from legend and mythology, naming your restaurant after a fish-tailed sea-god will leave no doubt as to what's on your menu and suggests a most divine dining experience.

7. Rocking Cod

Adding a playful twist to the common name of a type of fish, the use of "Rocking" also suggests a fun and vibey atmosphere along with great-tasting food. Suitable for a fish restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and simple but delicious dishes, this name is also great for fun visual branding.

8. Ocean Bites

Simple and inviting, this name suggests you serve small meals and nibbles ideal for a quick lunch break or a snack on the go. "Ocean" is a clear indication that your menu comprises mostly fish dishes. The name also lends itself to a fun logo design with something hooked on your line.

9. Neptune's Nibbles

Referring to Roman mythology's god of the sea adds a sense of grandeur, while mentioning "Nibbles" in the same breath gives this name a more casual, even playful energy. The repetition of the "N" aids memorability and gives it an almost melodic quality. This could work well for a fish food truck.

10. The Fish Affair

While being straightforward about what takes center stage on your menu, this delightful business name also has a playfully seductive undertone that is bound to put a satisfied grin on patrons' faces — even more so when their dalliance with your cuisine leaves them wanting more.

Seafood Restaurant Business Names

Catchy name ideas for your seafood restaurant.

More Fish Restaurant Name Ideas:

Catchy Fish Restaurant Names:

  • The Captain's Cook.
  • Poseidon's Plate.
  • The Sassy Snapper.
  • Fish 'n' Rocks.
  • The Bubbly Oyster.

Unique Fish Restaurant Names:

  • Hungry 4 Hake.
  • Pisces Grille.
  • Simply to Dive For.
  • The Mermaid's Tale.
  • The Plaice to Be.

Cool Fish Restaurant Names:

  • On the Line.
  • Siren's Strike Seafood.
  • The Sizzling Sea.
  • My Big Fat Fish.
  • Boat & Anchor Seafood.


How do I come up with a name for my fish restaurant?

  1. Define the style and character of your restaurant.
  2. Make a list of related keywords, also including words related to your cuisine.
  3. Create name ideas by combining keywords or feeding them into a business name generator.
  4. Select your top five name choices.
  5. Ask friends and colleagues for honest feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Make a choice and register it with the state.
  8. Secure the domain name.

What are some well-known fish restaurant names?

  • Red Lobster.
  • Joe's Crab Shack.
  • Captain D's.
  • Bonefish Grill.
  • Ocean Prime.

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