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Chicken Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Clucky's Henhouse

This unique and fun name references the sound a chicken makes, as well as the poultry shed. Ideal for a chicken restaurant that is a homely, family-friendly establishment.

2. Wing Friends

A playful and personable name that perfectly describes the type of chicken your restaurant serves.

3. Flock Together

A play on the saying "come together," this name is great for a restaurant that wants to bring chicken lovers together to share a delicious meal.

4. Chicken Pot Pirates

An alliterative and memorable name that suggests your restaurant's chicken pot pies arrrgh the best.

5. Fryday's Chicken

Referencing the end of the workweek, this name is sure to make your restaurant a welcome stop for chicken lovers in the mood for a tasty fried meal.

6. Poultry in Motion

This creative name hints at your restaurant's ability to deliver a chicken feast fast and efficiently.

7. Chicks of the Trade

A good name for a chicken restaurant that serves a large variety of chicken dishes and adds something special to every meal. The reference to "chicks" will also suit a women-owned business.

8. The Rooster Joint

Trendy and modern, this name will suit a fast-food chain or chicken restaurant with a laid-back feeling.

9. Bite to Heat

Great for a chicken restaurant that's is all about bringing the heat to customers. This spicy name is a play on the saying "a bite to eat" and will perfectly describe your business.

10. Spice of Life Chicken

A clever name for a restaurant that uses a variety of spices to create tasty chicken meals.

Chicken Shop Business Names

Catchy names for your chicken shop business.

More Chicken Restaurant Name Ideas:

Good Chicken Restaurant Names:

  • Chilli Chick’s Roadhouse.
  • Poultry Points.
  • House of Rôtisserie.
  • Pollo Hambriento.
  • CountrySoul Chicken.

Clever Chicken Restaurant Names:

  • The Comedi-Hen.
  • Totally Peckish.
  • King's Coop.
  • The Clucky Rooster.
  • FryIt Palace.

Creative Fast Food Chicken Restaurant Names:

  • Chick 'n Flick.
  • Daily Cluckwork.
  • The Friendly Hen.
  • Carved Express.
  • Poultry-Go.

Memorable Chicken Restaurant Names:

  • Country House Fowl.
  • The Fresh Coop.
  • Pollo's Famous.
  • Stuffville Chicken.
  • Forked Poultry.

Funny Chicken Restaurant Names:

  • Souper Chicks.
  • Cluck o' Time.
  • WingIt Restaurant.
  • Fowl Play Co.
  • My Fry or Die.


How do you name a chicken shop?

  1. Jot down some keywords that best describe your business.
  2. Enter these keywords into a chicken restaurant name generator.
  3. Select a few of your favorite names and show them to friends and family.
  4. Secure the name that received the best feedback.

What are some famous chicken restaurant chains in the U.K.?

  • KFC.
  • Chunky Chicken.
  • Chicken Cottage.
  • Dixie Chicken.
  • Nando's.

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