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Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1. Maki Mania

A clever name that refers to pieces of rolled sushi. The word "mania" suggests that your sushi will have customers going mad for more.

2. Soy Mates Sushi

This cool name will hint at your restaurant's ability to bring people together for a delicious feast of sushi and soy sauce.

3. Crazy Roll Express

A memorable name for a restaurant that delivers sushi dishes fast and efficiently. It could also work well for a sushi food truck.

4. Shiro Delights

An inventive and traditional name. "Shiro" means "white" in Japanese, which refers to the rice used to create sushi.

5. Nori & Nigiri

This alliterative name combines the ingredients of sushi to create an image of delicious nigiri pieces, which is sure to grab the attention of sushi lovers.

6. Sensei Sushi

"Sensei" refers to a teacher and is perfect for a restaurant that wants clients to know they are experts in the art of preparing sushi.

7. Ichiban Sushi

"Ichiban" means "number one" in Japanese, which makes this name a superb choice for a sushi restaurant that strives for excellence.

8. Golden Dish

A modern and sophisticated name that suggests your sushi is made from premium ingredients.

9. Asian Fusion

Because sushi originates from Asia, this clever name will suit a restaurant that uses Asian influences when preparing sushi.

10. Mr. Rice Guy

Playful and creative, this name will let customers know that your rice-based dishes are unique. The reference to "Mr." is ideal for a male-owned restaurant.

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More Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas:

Good Sushi Restaurant Names:

  • Jibun Sushi House.
  • Salmon&Sake.
  • Mr. Soto's Rolls.
  • Seika Tuna.
  • The Wasabi Chef.

Funny Sushi Restaurant Names:

  • Roll's Rice 'n' Fish.
  • My Tuna-verse.
  • Me&Unagi.
  • Salmon Says.
  • House of Wasa-bae.

Inventive Sushi Restaurant Names:

  • Samurai Rolls.
  • Soy Delicious!
  • The Zen Crab.
  • Good2Go Sushi.
  • Otani's Salmon.

Best Sushi Restaurant Names:

  • The Nori Bar.
  • Red Star Sushi.
  • Hiro's Tuna.
  • The Samurai Fish.
  • KamuiCrab.

Original Japanese Sushi Restaurant Names:

  • Hamachi's Place.
  • Ogado Rolls.
  • Restaurant Amato.
  • Kobachi Time.
  • Soy Iga.


Is there a sushi restaurant name generator?

Yes, you can use NameSnack to create a unique business name for your sushi restaurant. Alternatively, see our list of sushi restaurant business name ideas for inspiration.

What are sushi restaurants called in Japan?

In Japan, sushi restaurants are commonly referred to as sushi-ya or kaitenzushi, depending on their type of business.

What are some existing names of sushi restaurants?

  • Kai Zan.
  • Bamboo Sushi.
  • Sushi House Hayakawa.
  • Arami.
  • Sushi Nakazawa.

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