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Sushi Bar Business Name Ideas:


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1.Maki Magic Sushi Bar

Memorable. "Maki" is a type of sushi. "Magic" suggests a supreme dining experience.

2.Californian Comfort Sushi Bar

A great name for a sushi bar near the beach or one that specializes in california rolls.

3.Kaifū Sushi

"Kaifū" translates to sea breeze. A great name for a trendy sushi bar.

4.Shinsen'na Sushi & Grill

"Shinsen'na" means "fresh" in Japanese. May attract both sushi and meat lovers.

5.Japanese Elegance

A versatile name, suggesting a classy, authentic, immersive experience in Japanese cuisine.

6.12 Geishas Sushi Bar

Hints at mystery. A wonderful choice for a sushi bar that offers traditional singing and/or shows.

7.Sooshie Bar

The spelling of "sushi" may appeal to a younger, trendy audience. This name will get people talking.

8.Rainbow Dreams Sushi Paradise

A reference to the classic "rainbow roll." A great name for a modern, kid-friendly sushi spot.

9.Big Bloo Sushi

Catchy. The unusual spelling of "blue" may draw attention. Suggests sushi with a modern twist.

10.Fresh Fins Sushi

A bit of a tongue twister, but fun to say out loud. A memorable and clever name for a hip sushi bar.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

How to Name a Sushi Restaurant

A Nine-Step Process to Naming a Sushi Restaurant.


What are some unique sushi bar names?

  • Maki Magic Sushi Bar.
  • Californian Comfort Sushi Bar.
  • Kaifū Sushi.
  • Shinsen'na Sushi & Grill.
  • Japanese Elegance.

What are some cool names sushi bar name ideas?

  • 12 Geishas Sushi Bar.
  • Sooshie Bar.
  • Rainbow Dreams Sushi Paradise.
  • Big Bloo Sushi.
  • Fresh Fins Sushi.

How do I choose a great sushi bar name?

  • Look at the names of existing sushi bars and restaurants.
  • Translate some ocean/sushi terms or words to Japanese.
  • Think about the sushi you'll serve and what makes your business special.
  • Make a list of keywords and combine them to form names.
  • Use a business name generator.
  • Share your top names with others.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of existing sushi bar businesses?

  • Totoyama Sushi & Ramen.
  • The Room Sushi Bar.
  • Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill.
  • Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill at the Grove.
  • Sweet Fish Sushi Bar & Restaurant.

What are some real names of trendy sushi bars?

  • Kazuki Sushi.
  • Yanagi Kitchen.
  • Murakami Sushi.
  • Sushi Hon.
  • OOTORO Little Tokyo.

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