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Caribbean Restaurant Business Name Ideas:


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1. Pearl Root Restaurant

A reference to conch pearls that can be found in the Caribbean. "Root" suggests culture/tradition.

2. Cubana Fish Market & Cafe

A great name for a place where you can pick out your fish & have them prepare a Caribbean meal.

3. Creole Rain

Simple & strong. A great name for an upmarket, organic Caribbean restaurant.

4. Moon Coucou

Cute. "Coucou" means "hello" in French. Could also be a reference to the dish served in Barbados.

5. Shell Rum

A wonderful name for a Caribbean restaurant that serves seafood and top-shelf rum.

6. Sun Rasta

In keeping with the health-conscious Rastafarian religion, this name is suited to a vegan eatery.

7. Creole Rum

Imagine a restaurant with an island atmosphere, where the best Caribbean rums can be enjoyed.

8. The Warm Pearl

"Pearl" may hint at unspoiled oceans and treasures. A great name for a quaint Caribbean hangout.

9. Latin Banana

A cheeky, yet charming name for a place known for its fresh dishes and upbeat vibe.

10. Cubana Midnight

Memorable. A great choice for a name of a restaurant that offers late nights, great conversation, and dancing.

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More Caribbean Restaurant Business Name Ideas:

Unique Caribbean Restaurant Names:

  • Callaloo Cafe.
  • Pearl & Smoke.
  • The Caribbean Tide.
  • Jerk Avenue.
  • Cubana's Kitchen.

Cool Caribbean Restaurant Names:

  • Rasta Fiesta.
  • The Jamaican Cove.
  • Caribbean Table.
  • The Jerk Hut.
  • Mangrove Grill.

Interesting Caribbean Restaurant Names:

  • The Pepperpot Place.
  • Aruba Breeze.
  • The Reggae Restaurant.
  • Cayman Cooks.
  • The Palm House Cafe.

Unique Names for Caribbean-Themed Restaurants:

  • Havana Shores.
  • The Smoking Spoon.
  • Coral Reef Cafe.
  • The Jammin' Noodle.
  • Caribbean Bar & BBQ.


Where can I find a Caribbean restaurant name generator?

Try NameSnack or consult our list of caribbean restaurant names for ideas.

How do I come up with a catchy Caribbean restaurant business name?

  1. Look at the existing names of similar restaurants.
  2. Conduct research on the Caribbean, paying special attention to the name of fruits, ingredients used in dishes, music, etc.
  3. List and combine them to form business names.
  4. Run some keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with potential clients.
  6. Register your best name.

What are some names of existing Caribbean restaurants?

  • D Coal Pot.
  • Jamaica Me Crazy.
  • Banana Jam Cafe.
  • Cubana Havana Lounge & Latino Caffe.
  • Prestige Cusine.

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