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Jamaican Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1.Inner Luv

Jamaicans express their appreciation after having a good time by saying, “mi have inner luv fi your time.” Choosing this name will tell patrons they will be treated to outstanding food and hospitality and will leave utterly satisfied.

2.Island Cuisine

Jamaican food has its origin in various cultures from around the globe. It has an abundance of flavor and spice from these cultures combined with fruit and seafood found typically on these tropical islands. The image this conjures will be associated with this Jamaican restaurant name.

3.Kingston's Grub

Not only is Kingston the capital city of Jamaica, but it conjures up the lingering lyrics from the Bob Marley song "Kingston Town." The melancholic musical memory will create euphoria and make patrons relax and enjoy the great food you serve.

4.Inna Di Morrows

This Jamaican saying means "see you tomorrow," creating the impression that the food and atmosphere are so great, patrons can't help but come back for more. It further reflects a familiarity that will make restaurant-goers feel right at home.

5.Bob's Place

One of the more famous inhabitants of Jamaica is Bob Marley. If you combine flavorful Jamaican food with reggae as background music in your restaurant, Bob's place will be the vibey-ist place on the block. Patrons will come back for more of your easy-going vibes and outstanding food.

6.Pone & Matrimony

This fun wordplay will be great for a Jamaican restaurant specializing in desserts. Both Pone and Matrimony are famous Jamaican desserts, and the implication of the name will tell patrons that your food will make them say "ya mon."

7.Jamaica Me Lazy

It is a well-known fact that good food makes you lazy and sleepy. This playful wordplay of the saying "Jamaican me crazy" is telling of the abundance of food that will make you so lazy that you would not want to leave the restaurant.

8.Place of Patois

The reference to the language spoken by Jamaicans tells of a place where people come together. Just like Jamaican food is a marriage of flavors from different cultures, your restaurant will become a meeting place for people from different cultures.

9.Jamaican Pride

If you serve mouthwatering Jamaican cuisine in your restaurant, then this simple yet effective name will be a great choice. It tells patrons that the food they'll be enjoying will make Jamaicans proud. Therefore, they can expect the best food outside of Jamaica.

10.Ya Mon

A favorite Jamaican saying that means "no problem" or "okay." The saying is universally known and representative of a fun and relaxed time. This name will be inviting to patrons looking for a laid-back atmosphere.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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What are some good Jamaican restaurant names?

  • Jamaican Pride.
  • Bob's Place.
  • Place of Patois.
  • Kingston's Grub.
  • Island Cuisine.

What are some catchy Jamaican restaurant names?

  • Inner Luv.
  • Inna Di Morrows.
  • Ya Mon.
  • Place of Patois.
  • Kingston's Grub.

What are some cute Jamaican restaurant names?

  • Jamaica Me Lazy.
  • Pone & Matrimony.
  • Inner Luv.
  • Ya Mon.
  • Bob's Place.

What are some real-life Caribbean restaurant names?

  • Garifuna Flava: A Taste of Belize | Jerk Chicken Chicago.
  • Caribbean Jerk Palace.
  • Aunty Joy's Jamaican Kitchen.
  • Miss Lily's.
  • The Door.

How do I choose a Jamaican restaurant name?

  • Research Jamaican food and culture to see what characteristics you want your restaurant to be associated with.
  • Compile a list of keywords.
  • Review your menu ideas and the picture you have in your mind of what the atmosphere should be like. Add these to your list of keywords.
  • Use a business name generator to create some potential names.
  • Test your favorite names with friends, family, and potential clients and ask for their input.
  • Check the availability of the name and register it if its not yet taken.

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