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1700s Business Name Ideas:


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1.The Cooperage

A great name for a bar or craft beer. A cooper was someone who made old casks and barrels.

2.The Round Hand Inn

A style of writing from the 18th century and a common business type gives us a winning name.

3.The Single Violet

An evocative name that suggests exclusivity and expensive goods.

4.Collier & Cart

A good and compelling name for a bar and pub. A collier is someone in the business of coal.

5.South Sea Sugar Co.

A daring and bold name for a sweets manufacturer or candy store.

6.The Chandlery

A chandler is someone who makes candles. This is a striking and intriguing name.

7.Pleasant Grove Quarters

An evocative name for a homestay or B&B.

8.The Brabble

To brabble means to argue a lot about frivolous things. Makes for a unique name.

9.Ye Olde Bibliopole

A striking and compelling name for a book store. A bibliopole was a bookseller.

10.Exotic Bijoux

Bijoux is an old word for jewelry or trinkets. Ideal for a quirky jewelry store, or antique store.

11.Blackguard & Buck

A great name for a clothing brand. Blackguard means scoundrel. Buck means a daring young man.

12.The Rawgabbit

A rawgabbit is someone who argues about something they know little about. Strong name for a podcast.

13.The Camelopard

Before they were known as giraffes, they were called camelopards. A striking name for a pub.

14.Fine Chapman

Perfect for a quirky general store. A chapman is a peddler.

15.Daily Communicant

A communicant was someone who shared information. A striking and unique name for a media company.


An old term for elaborate and frilly details, this could make a quirky name for a fabric store.

17.Love Apple

This is an ideal name for a quaint restaurant or cafe. Tomatoes used to be called Love Apples.

18.Piepowder's Inn

A piepowder is a merchant. This is a unique, quirky, and memorable name for a B&B.

19.The Pythoness

A term used to describe a fortuneteller, this is a great name for a tarot business or magic shop.

20.Groke & Soak

A creative name for a pub or restaurant. To groke is to beg for food. To soak is to drink a lot.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some 1700s business names?

  1. Consider using your name.
  2. Research old brands and companies.
  3. Find old English words that are interesting and sound compelling.
  4. Use "&," "Co.," and "Ye Olde" in names.
  5. Look for older words for your industry, service, and profession.
  6. Search for old posters and adverts.
  7. Feed keywords into a business name generator.

What makes a business name seem from the 1700s?

If it uses words and elements commonly used in business names from those times, or if it reflects the century in some way, then it can be considered a 1700s business name.

What are some examples of business names from the 1700s?

  • The Cooperage.
  • Collier & Cart.
  • The Chandlery.
  • Love Apple.
  • Groke & Soak.

What companies have 1700s business names?

  • Caswell-Massey.
  • The Brazen Head.
  • Truefitt & Hill.
  • Crane and Co.

What are some 1700s brand names?

  • The Pythoness.
  • Crinkum-Crankums.
  • Love Apple.
  • Exotic Bijoux.
  • Pleasant Grove Quarters.

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