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Badass Company Name Ideas:


Company Name


1. Volt Raptor

A name that calls to mind the image of a powerful bird of prey. The competition will be quaking.

2. Box Courage

Courage is synonymous with badassery. A great choice for an MMA brand or boxed wine.

3. Energimpact

Catchy. This versatile name just needs a descriptive slogan or logo to link it to your business.

4. Eye Roar

An unusual name. Sounds like "I roar." A great name for a graphic design or eyewear company.

5. Agile Blood

A solid name for a gym or a fitness brand. Could also work for a marketing agency.

6. Top Fox

Punchy. Though the fox isn't necessarily considered powerful, it is known for its intelligence.

7. Tribe Wolf

A strong name for an edgy clothing brand or a cosmetics brand that only uses natural ingredients.

8. Fine Volt

Power meets elegance. A good name for a company that produces aesthetic yet functional products.

9. Rumble Hero

A memorable name for an authentic wrestling gear brand.

10. Greek Eagle

Carries connotations of elegance, might, success, and glory. A versatile name for a strong company.

11. Tree Raptor

An eye-catching name that could work for an outdoor gear brand.

12. Wonder Risk

A powerful choice, suitable for a company that does creative work like branding, design, etc.

13. Empire Ares

Named after the god of war, this name can be awe-inspiring when coupled with the right logo/slogan.

14. Raw Volts

An evocative name that makes one think of exposed wires. May attract risk-takers.

15. Top Triumph

A catchy and versatile name, suggesting success or victory over competitors.

16. Ares Angel

Equal parts sugar and spice, this name is the perfect choice for a women's fitness brand.

17. Lovely Rage

A striking name for a boxing club aimed at women.

18. Pure Hermes

A reference to the god of trade, this name implies hard work & good values. Great for a retailer.

19. Spot Volt

Simple & memorable. Suitable for a tech or electrical company. Great logo possibilities.

20. Simple Roar

Great for a iconic brand that prides itself on simple, no-fuss service & strong business principles.

Edgy Business Names

Unconventional and bold business names.

More Badass Company Name Ideas:

Unique Badass Company Names:

  • Slayer Pro.
  • The Savage Slam.
  • Hero Stallion.
  • Bravo Bros Co.
  • Fists of Fire.

Cool Badass Brand Names:

  • Wolf Troop.
  • Queen Rebelz.
  • Renegade Hunt.
  • Dawn's Trident.
  • OnyxLion.

Great Badass Business Names:

  • The Bone Warrior.
  • Viking Fury.
  • Duchess Armor.
  • Arrow & Eagle.
  • Black Axe Club.

Catchy Badass Company Names:

  • Legion of Ravens.
  • Phoenix Outlaw.
  • My Titan Empire.
  • The Hellfire Panther.
  • BronzeBlaze.

Badass Gym Names:

  • ToughKnox.
  • Redhawk Combat.
  • Apex Slam.
  • Ironside Power.
  • Punch Basecamp.


How can I come up with some badass company names?

  1. Do some research and list keywords related to strength/success/power.
  2. Look for synonyms by using an online thesaurus.
  3. Consider using unique and powerful word combinations.
  4. Brainstorm words that create striking imagery.
  5. Use a business name generator for more ideas.
  6. Ask friends for feedback on your favorite name ideas before choosing the best one.

What makes a name badass?

A name is considered "badass" if it evokes powerful imagery or ideas associated with success, glory, might, and even beauty. Ideally, a badass company name should strike fear into the hearts of competitors, while inspiring your target audience to use your services and/or products. Remember that a badass company name should be awe-inspiring, but not scare away potential clients.

What real-life companies have badass business names?

  • Salesforce.
  • Amazon.
  • Verizon.
  • SpaceX.
  • Tough Love.

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