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Witchy Business Name Ideas:


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1. Soul 4 Soul Witch

The repetition of the word "soul" in this name makes it catchy, and the use of the number four makes it stand out. This name captures the personal and metaphysical nature of witchcraft.

2. The Witch's Cup

This name makes your business sound mythological and powerful. This business name could work well for a bar, retail store, or witchcraft services such has tarot reading and aura cleansing.

3. Serenity Spells

This name works well for a retail store that sells witchcraft items used to cast spells, but would work equally well for a business that provides spell services on behalf of clients. The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and easy to remember.

4. The Shaman's Lair

Also known as a witchdoctor, a Shaman is a powerful figure in witchcraft. Calling your retail store a "lair" makes it seem mysterious and magical, inviting customers in.

5. Witchy Nails

If you offer nail painting services and/or sell press-on nails, this name works perfectly. It is simple and easy to remember, while concisely describing your services.

6. The Witch Willow

The alliteration in this name makes it appealing, while the image of a magical willow tree creates intrigue and mystery. This name works well for a host of business types, such as stores, bars, or cafes.

7. Black Lotus Mystic

The image of a black lotus is dark and beautiful, making it appealing. The word "mystic" ties into witchcraft and the supernatural, making this the perfect name for a witchy business.

8. The Witch's Ward

The word "ward" in this name is used to describe your business as being a guardian of witchcraft and its traditions. The use of alliteration makes this name pleasant to say and easy to remember.

9. Humble Psychic

This name is cute and to the point, clearly telling clients that you provide psychic services. This name could also suit a retail store, with the image of a humble psychic as its clerk.

10. The Witch's Broom

A witch with a broom is one of the most common images that spring to mind when one thinks of witchcraft. This quaint name would work perfectly for a coffee shop or book store.

11. Divine Bliss Witch

This business name is calming and comforting, while still being clear that your business is associated with witchcraft. "Divine" creates a connection between your business and the supernatural.

12. Crystal Chakra Witch

Both crystals and chakras are elements of witchcraft, making this name apt. The alliteration in this name makes it visually appealing.

13. Spiritual Fire Witch

This name is edgy and dark, which makes it perfect for a clothing brand or retail store. The word "spiritual" also makes this name appropriate for selling religious items.

14. Sacred Earth Scents

This name would work well for a business that sells candles, perfume, or other scented items. The words "sacred earth" makes this name sound grounded and spiritual.

15. Elemental Witchcraft

Using the word "elementals" ties your business to nature, making this name perfect for a business that focuses on the natural aspect of witchcraft, such as herbs and crystals.

16. Dark Moon Conjuring

"Conjuring" relates to spells and witchcraft, making this name positively magical. The moon is also an important symbol in witchcraft.

17. Chaos Energy Witch

This name is fun and quirky, embracing the unknown aspects of witchcraft. This name would work well for a variety of business types.

18. Casa del Witchcraft

This name translates to "house of witchcraft," asserting that your business is the quintessential source for all things related to witchcraft.

19. The Witch's Closet

If you are a clothing business that sells witchy or goth apparel, this name is the perfect fit. It is simple and classy, making it easier to remember.

20. The Psychic Temple

This name is both mystical and elegant, making it catchy. It suggests that your business is related to the supernatural or the divine, while remaining general. This name would work well for several types of businesses.

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More Witchy Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Witchy Etsy Shop Names:

  • Harvest Moon Magic.
  • Bewitched Wreaths.
  • Forest Spellcrafts.
  • Blooms & Illusions.
  • Black Opal Witchery.

Creative Witch Company Names:

  • Silver Sage Studios.
  • True Magic Co.
  • DarkCrystal Alchemy.
  • Valley Enchantress.
  • The Mystifying Broomstick.

Good Witch Store Names:

  • Velvet Spells.
  • Mage Aura.
  • Elixir's Tea Shop.
  • FlameGlow Beauty.
  • House of Luna.

Great Witchy Website Names:

  • The Red Witch Lounge.
  • Lilith's Divinity.
  • SenseStarlight.
  • My Valerian Spell.
  • The Spirit Goddess.

Inventive Witchcraft Shop Names:

  • Cauldron Shadows.
  • Sixth Incense.
  • Salem's Charms.
  • Demonia Enchant.
  • The Wicca Coven.


How do I come up with a catchy witchy business name?

Think of words that relate to your business, then try to use alliteration, rhyme, or puns to make these keywords more memorable. Using short syllables can also make your name catchy, making it easier for customers to pronounce. Take a look at our list of name ideas for inspiration.

How do you name a metaphysical shop?

  1. Create a list of keywords related to your business.
  2. Consult a thesaurus to find other words that could be used in your business name.
  3. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
    • Make a shortlist of names that you like, and show them to loved ones for their opinion.
  4. After a few days, see which names still appeal to you.
  5. Consider using one of these names for your business.

Is there a witchy business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate dozens of witchy business name ideas.

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