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1. The Hermit's Eye

The Hermit is one of the Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck and represents introspection, self-reflection, and isolation. This is a cool name idea for an occult store that offers tarot readings, as it suggests that you can help clients with their soul searching.

2. Mysticusia

A fun, made-up name idea using the root word "mystic." This is an intriguing business name that creates a sense of mystery and secrecy around your occult business.

3. Sacred Reiki Center

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that is used to encourage emotional or physical healing by channeling universal energy into the patient. A great name idea for a business that practices this Japanese healing art.

4. Celtic Divinity

Many pagan religions and rituals have their roots in Celtic traditions and stories. This business name idea celebrates the occult practices and divine beliefs of the Celts. A good name for an occult supply store.

5. The Phoenix Occult

The phoenix is a magical symbol of rebirth and renewal, following a cycle of burning to ashes and then rising again from those ashes. This firebird fits perfectly with occult practices and makes for a great business logo.

6. New Earth Psychic

A psychic or fortune teller using this business name will let customers know that their services can help to unlock a new state of consciousness and existence free from the pollution of anger, jealousy, and sadness.

7. Spiritual Intentions

Help your customers to achieve their spiritual goals with this peaceful name idea for an occult business.

8. Your Inner Goddess

A powerful name idea for an occult business aimed at women. This name suits a variety of occult businesses, from spell books and supplies to tarot readers and past life regression specialists. With this business name, you are dedicated to helping women find their power.

9. Chaos & Luck

This name idea is based on the idea of chaos magic, which is a contemporary, results-based magical practice. By throwing in a little luck, this name idea for an occult supply store or book store promises chaos magicians success with their endeavors.

10. Occultism

A cool name idea that suits a wide range of occult businesses. "Occultism" is the theory or practice of the occult and makes for a straightforward, clear business name.

11. Mind Your Tarot

This name idea is simple yet meaningful. It works for a business that specializes in tarot readings, as well as the sale of tarot decks, and is a subtle warning to customers that knowledge of the future is not always good. Occultists need to be attentive in their practices.

12. Arcadia Psychic Shop

"Arcadia" is a mountainous region in Greece and is often used to indicate a place of simple, quiet pleasure. A beautiful name idea for your psychic shop.

13. Dream Energy Healing

Dreams are our unconscious mind's way of dealing with emotional issues safely and starting the healing process. This business name idea is a unique and meaningful way of telling customers that you sell aids and spells to help with dream healing.

14. Shadow Moon & Jade

The moon and jade gemstones are important occult symbols, respectively. Many occult practitioners, Wiccans in particular, use a Book of Shadows to record their spells, thoughts, and experiments. Put all these items together and you have a magical name idea for your occult business.

15. MysticalEra

Mysticism is a great inspiration for an occult business name as it refers to the ultimate insight or truth that can be gained through a spiritual belief and practice. This name idea celebrates the religious practices behind occultism.

16. Your Occult Healer

A simple, straightforward name idea for a healer who uses occult practices, such as spells, runes, or fortune-telling, to aid in a person's spiritual or physical healing. The addition of "Your" creates a personal connection between the business owner and the client.

17. Dark Doctrine

This alliterative name idea is catchy and memorable, ensuring clients will easily remember your store for repeat visits. The "dark doctrine" can be used to refer to black magic or Satanism.

18. Magicks

A cute name idea that will work for a variety of occult businesses, from supply stores to services offered. Magic is traditionally one of the base elements of occultism.

19. The Sacred Canephora

A "canephora" is an ornament of a young girl carrying a basket of ritual offerings on her head and comes from ancient Greece where these youths would take part in religious festivals. This is a great name idea for a business that sells items used in occult rituals.

20. Pagan Spells & Tarot

Spellcraft and tarot readings are big parts of certain occult practices, and paganism is a way of using these elements in religious practices. An inviting, comfortable business name idea.

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More Occult Business Names Ideas:

Great Occult Business Names:

  • Chaos & Trickery.
  • Divine Wholesomeness.
  • Witching Pagoda.
  • Spirit of Luna.
  • The Healing Hut.

Cool Occult Business Names:

  • The Crystal Witch.
  • Spirits & Secrets.
  • Souls Connect.
  • The Pixie Moon.
  • Tiny Goddess Tarot.

Interesting Occult Business Names:

  • Glow Mystik.
  • Divine Healing Moon.
  • All Witch Craft.
  • Ethereal Psychic.
  • Devoted Druid.


Where can I find occult business names?

You can find existing occult business names with an online search. If you are looking for more ideas, try NameSnack, the AI-powered name generator that will create hundreds of occult business names in just a few sections.

How do I choose an occult business name?

  1. Create a list of keywords related to your business.
  2. Consult a thesaurus to find other words that could be used in your business name.
  3. Use a business name generator to create name ideas.
  4. Make a shortlist of names that you like, and show them to loved ones for their opinion.
  5. After a few days, see which names still appeal to you.
  6. Consider using one of these names for your business, and check that it's available in your state.

Where can I find an occult name generator?

Try NameSnack — this AI-powered business name generator will create hundreds of unique name ideas in seconds from a few keywords and a category selection input by the user. The site is free to use and provides a link to the Zarla logo maker.

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