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Pagan Business Name Ideas


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1. Pagan Mystic Arts

This business name idea draws on the spiritualism of pagan religions to great effect. It is a wonderfully straightforward name idea for an occult store or an art gallery that features pagan artworks.

2. Crystal Aura

In the language of gemstones, crystals are Life stones with clear auras that change to match the people they are connecting with. This name idea suits a faith healing business that seeks to boost their clients' natural strengths using crystals and gemstones.

3. Blessed Aine Aromas

Aine was the Irish goddess of summer, fertility, and love, with festivals held in her honor on Midsummer's Night. As she is the patroness of fertility and the sun, she was a nature goddess associated with agriculture, making this name idea a fitting tribute for a natural perfume business.

4. Mind & Soul Magic

This pagan name idea suits a holistic healing business focused on healing or fortifying both the minds and souls of their clients. It is a spiritual name idea that adds a mystical effect with the use of "magic."

5. The Amber Wand

A fun, playful name idea. The use of "amber" lends this business name to a jewelry store or crystal shop, while the use of "wand" makes this business name suitable for an occult store or magic shop.

6. The Wiccan Circle

This name idea is a tribute to the unity of the Wiccan religion and the cycles of life and nature. It is an inviting name that will encourage practitioners to enter your store and feel welcome.

7. Ceili's Spell

Ceili are social events with Scottish or Irish music and dancing, as well as storytelling. This is a beautifully lyrical name idea for a book store or music shop.

8. Chalice & Wax

A fun name idea for a business that sells antiques, decorative items for your home, or kitchen items, such as glassware. Of course, this name idea also suits a Wiccan supply store, as chalices are often used in rituals.

9. Soul Spells

The alliteration of the 'S' in this business name makes it catchy and memorable. It's a beautiful name idea for any business selling a product that feeds the soul, whether that's therapy, food, coffee, or clothes.

10. L'hoc Neige

This business name uses a combination of Latin and French to create something unique and extraordinary. Try this name out for an exclusive clothing boutique.

11. A Witch's Familiar

A "witch's familiar" is usually a small, household pet that serves as a guide or a companion to a witch. They are guardians and protectors who help witches with their magic. A cool pagan name idea for a pet store.

12. Apophis & Sons

This family business-type name idea brings a pagan element through the use of "Apophis," who was the Egyptian snake deity of chaos and the enemy of the sun god, Ra. By using this business name, you can tell your customers that you banish chaos and bring order and light.

13. Purification by Mana

A good business name for a holistic healer. "Mana" is the spiritual life force or healing energy that is spread throughout the universe. This business name idea invites this healing energy in to purify negativity and darkness.

14. Pagan Mystique

This mysterious business name works for a wide range of business types. It will give your business a sense of mystery, awe, and intrigue that will draw customers.

15. Summoning Sage

An alliterative, memorable name idea for an herbal shop or apothecary. Sage is important in paganism, and in witchcraft in particular, as it is a purifying element that aids healing and soothes pain.

16. The Beaded Door

A funky name idea for a vintage shop, this business name draws on the idea of beaded curtains. It will remind customers of the beaded walls behind which fortune-tellers sit.

17. Pagan Spells & More

This business name idea is straightforward and tells customers exactly what they will find in your store. A cool name idea for an occult store.

18. Enchantment House

A beautiful name idea for a spa, holiday resort, or boutique. This business name tells customers that your business is full of enchantments and enchanting items.

19. Papyrus Mysticum

"Papyrus" was used in Ancient Egypt as paper for books and scrolls, making this a great business name for a book store. With the addition of "Mysticum," this name gains a pagan flair that says your shop may sell magic and spell books.

20. The Faerist

A misspelling of the word "fairest" adds a pagan element by drawing on the world of faeries. This fun name idea works for a makeup and beauty business or a hairdresser and would encourage the use of a cute faerie logo.

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Where can I find a pagan name generator?

Try NameSnack — this AI-powered business name generator will create hundreds of unique, creative name suggestions in seconds from keywords and a category selection input by the user.

How do I choose a pagan name for my business?

  1. Consider the type of services you'll provide.
  2. Think about your target market and brand.
  3. Brainstorm name ideas that best describe your business and feed them to a business name generator.
  4. Conduct surveys and ask potential customers for feedback.
  5. Check if your desired name is available.
  6. Choose a memorable name and register it with the state.

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