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Ethereal Business Names:


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1. The Art of Glowing

Dewy skin is all the rage right now and achieving "glass skin" has become an art form all on its own. This descriptive name is great for a K-beauty brand that promises to help customers attain the coveted glow made famous by "skinfluencers."

2. Elf Eyes

This simple name will create an air of intrigue around your brand. We all know what elf ears are, but what makes elf eyes so special? Clients will need to try your products to find out. A fitting choice for a mascara or magnetic eyelash brand. Also good for a company that makes funky contact lenses.

3. Wisp of Love

Because your love is so valuable it has to be doled out in "wisps." This romantic name may hint at rare and precious products. Great for a thrift store, jewelry brand, or vintage craft shop.

4. Charming Foxes

The fox has always been a creature with an air of mystery and majesty around it, so it's sure to grab attention. For the logo, you could choose a fox silhouette; a curled up, sleeping fox; an abstract, origami-inspired fox, or something similar. Great for a trendy clothing brand.

5. Nyala's Magic Buns

Magic, mystery, and a sprinkle of mischief are the ingredients that go into these otherworldly buns. A fun and memorable name for a bakery that produces a variety of breads, from brioche and ciabatta, to hot dog buns and lobster rolls.

6. Luna's Wings

A name that hints at the celestial. "Wings" suggests freedom and adventure, creating an ideal name for a boho brand. By referencing the moon ("Luna") and the idea of flight, this name also works well for a company that gives back to the community by helping students reach their full potential.

7. Princess Halo

By combining the heavenly with the regal, this name offers several interesting logo possibilities. Whether you're selling jewelry, evening dresses, or makeup fit for a queen, "Princess Halo" is a unique and memorable choice.

8. Oasis of Stars

The repetition of the "s" creates a soft, soothing sound, making this a great choice for any brand that sells products designed to help clients relax. Fantastic for a bath and body brand or a company that manufactures bedding and other products that improve people's quality of sleep.

9. Unchained Aura

A name that's sure to attract customers who radiate positive vibes. Great for any company that focuses on mindfulness and meditation. Perfect for a shop that sells tools that help customers elevate their yoga practice.

10. Breathless Spirit

"Breathless" could hint at physical exertion, making this a fitting choice for the name of a dance studio or an online Zumba class. "Spirit" may hint at intense emotions or a profound connection with nature, creating an evocative name for a horseback riding ranch, too.

11. Rainbow Luna

A multiuse name for a brand that spreads love and joy. The word "Rainbow" may appeal to a younger audience, but it may also attract clients from the LGBTIQ+ community. Adding an appropriate slogan can help tell customers more about your products.

12. Castle of Whispers

A magical, haunting name for a perfume brand with a slightly sinister edge. Imagine a bottle shaped like a castle with sharp turrets — this is sure to get customers talking! Would also make a highly descriptive name for a medieval-themed ASMR YouTube channel.

13. The Cloud Queen

A catchy and cute name for a company that offers personalized helicopter or hot air balloon rides where passengers are given the royal treatment. It could also make a fun name for a cotton candy brand known for spinning the very best sugary snacks.

14. Glow Unicorn

A great name for a skincare brand that has fantastic packaging and also makes good on its promise of delivering dewy, moisturized skin. Use a clean and modern font to appeal to an older audience, or go for electric pink and glitter to appeal to a younger audience.

15. Rainbow Fever

What is "Rainbow Fever?" It's what all your customers are going to feel when they see your dazzling products. Works well for a cosmetics brand, party planning service, or a company that creates art supplies aimed at younger kids.

16. The Silk Magician

An obvious name for a magician who's got the smooth moves to delight the audience, but also a brilliant name for a skin or haircare brand promising silky results. A unique and memorable name with great slogan possibilities.

17. Fluffy's Glow

Because Fluffy also deserves a luxury spa experience! A fun, memorable name for a pet parlor that helps animals of all species get some much needed pampering. Bonus points if you have an actual cat or dog on the premises called "Fluffy!"

18. Nectar of the Queen

A reference to "nectar of the gods." This is a great name for any beverage brand. It may work especially well for a health drink company or a brand that sells beauty supplements, such as collagen peptides.

19. The Silk Spell

"Silk" could refer to clothing, skin, or hair, while "spell" suggests your products are so good they could only have been created through magic. A name like this may attract millennials and other people who later became fans of the Harry Potter franchise.

20. The Unicorn's Kiss

A fun, flirty name with magical undertones. Most suitable for a company specializing in lip cosmetics, such as lipsticks, lip balms, and lip gloss. This name will probably resonate most with teens or young adults.

Spiritual Business Names

Ethereal name ideas for your spiritual business.

More Ethereal Business Name Ideas:

Attractive Ethereal Business Names:

  • Auras of Bliss.
  • The Dream Cove.
  • Faerie Calls.
  • Crystal Moonlight.
  • The Pixie Bookstore.

Cool Ethereal Business Names:

  • Elysian Mind.
  • Stardust Vapor.
  • Sacred Moon Emporium.
  • Divine's Emeralds.
  • Moonstruck Mystic.


How can I come up with some ethereal business names?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What makes a business name ethereal?

A business name is considered "ethereal" if it has an air of beauty, elegance, and intrigue around it. Etheral business names also often hint at the magical or heavenly.

What are some existing brands with ethereal names?

  • Sephora.
  • Matrescence.
  • Kopari.
  • Osmia.
  • Rosemira.
  • Osea.
  • Maya Chia.
  • Suki.

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