Celtic Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Druid's Apprentice

An alluring name that is well-suited to a business that specializes in naturalistic remedies.

2. Epona's Stables

This is a witty name for a horse riding business that references Epona, the Celtic horse goddess.

3. Queen Boudicca's Loot

References the Celtic warrior queen Boudicca. Fit for a Celtic-inspired curio shop.

4. Brennus's Chalice

A historically-inspired name that references Brennus, an infamous Celtic chief. Perfect for a pub.

5. The Celtic Axe

This is an enticing name for a historic Celtic battle reenactment business.

6. Tin Road Travels

A name that suggests tours covering the Celts' travel routes across ancient Europe and Anatolia.

7. The Green Man's Grainery

This name hints at the Celtic god of spring and summer and is perfect for an ancient grain supplier.

8. Spathas & Spears

A descriptive name for a themed costume rental business, alluding to the Celts' iconic Spatha sword.

9. Celtic Art Designs

This name alludes to Celtic-inspired decorations and symbols, including Celtic knots and crosses.

10. Falcata Swords & Scabbards

A descriptive name for a business that forges swords in keeping with the Celtic style.

11. Druids & Dragons

This is an enticing name for a Celtic-inspired pub or dining establishment.

12. Chariots & Chainmail

A creative name for a Celtic battle reenactment venue. Alludes to Celtic war strategies and armor.

13. The Celt's Flute

A merry name for a pub. Hints at Celtic music and dance traditions.

14. Macha's Treasures

The Celtic warrior goddess's name alludes to gemstone-embellished jewelry, coins, and ornaments.

15. House of Celt

A witty name for a designer or seller of Celtic tunics, trousers, belts, dresses, and mantles.

16. The Dancing Celt

This is a catchy name for a Celtic-inspired dance and dining venue or a Celtic dance studio.

17. Celts by Night

A catchy name for a Celtic festival experience inspired by Celtic food, drink, and dance traditions.

18. The Fairy Queen's Crew

This name alludes to Celtic folklore and will appeal to those who adore fairy-inspired figurines.

19. Marauders' Mead

A witty name for a craft brewery that hints at Celt warriors celebrating a successful invasion.

20. Celtic Knots and Crosses

This name playfully suggests that you sell Celtic crosses and decorative knotwork designs.

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More Celtic Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Celtic Business Names:

  • Wise Celt.
  • Lucky Shamrock.
  • Ancient Warrior.
  • The Old Irish.
  • Morrigan Arena.

Creative Celtic Business Names:

  • Heart & Crown.
  • Golden Harp.
  • MagiCelt.
  • Druid Spirit.
  • Three Knots.


How can I come up with some Celtic business names?

  1. List Celtic-inspired keywords and name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms and combine your keywords to form names.
  3. Find more ideas by looking at existing business names.
  4. Use a business name generator.
  5. Check if your favorite names are available.
  6. Ask friends, family, and likely customers to share their thoughts about each name.
  7. Identify the crowd favorite.
  8. Register your business name.

What makes a business name Celtic?

A Celtic business name typically finds its inspiration from Celtic history, mythology, traditions, or culture. Take a look at our list of name examples for inspiration.

What are some existing Celtic business names?

  • Celtic & Co.
  • Celtic, Inc.
  • Fenian's Pub.
  • Celtic Designs Jewelry.

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