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Irish Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. World of Luck

An enticing name that promises good fortune. "World" suggests that you offer a large variety.

2. Go Galway Guys

Manly name that cleverly references Galway, a famous city in Ireland. Could suit a tourism business.

3. Shamrock Grove

Sounds whimsical and alluring. "Shamrock" is the national flower of Ireland. Great logo options.

4. The Dublin Dude

Fun, modern, and authentic. Could suit a blog or brand based in Dublin. You'll enjoy marketing it!

5. Go Irish

Punchy & direct. The positive action word helps motivate clients. Could work for tour businesses.

6. Boxty Bay

Simple, memorable, and tasty. "Boxty" is a beloved Ireland meal typically served for breakfast.

7. The Lucky Petal

Sounds delicate and soft. Has strong connotations of femininity. Will suit a girly business.

8. Barmbrack + Tea

A straightforward name that still manages to look modern. "Barmbrack" is a famous bread.

9. Corki

A quirky name that offers plenty of business expansion options. "Cork" is a big city in Ireland.

10. The Belfast Belly

An uncommon name that will surely turn heads. Suits a trendy food blog or modest restaurant.

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More Irish Business Name Ideas:

Funny Irish Business Names:

  • Leprechoir.
  • Okay Yoke.
  • The Sure Look.
  • Fiddle Dingle.
  • Hey, Craic!

Authentic Irish Business Names:

  • Darks & Drafts.
  • Ulster Heart.
  • Saor Souls.
  • Fionn Folk.
  • Irish Sparkle.

Cool Irish Business Names:

  • The Merry Harp.
  • Dublin Dove.
  • Joyce's Mind.
  • Green Old Man.
  • Dublin's Viking.

Smart Irish Business Names:

  • The Irishack.
  • Triskelove.
  • Belfest Fun.
  • Molly Malovely.
  • The Galwave.

Good Irish Brand Names:

  • Little Dubliners.
  • Air of Eire.
  • Connor's Spot.
  • Shamrock Shrine.
  • The Oak of Life.

Great Irish Bar Names:

  • Fishgirl's Bistro.
  • Shamanrock Pub.
  • The Draft Tales.
  • Beer & Shellfish.
  • O'Coddle Bar.

Professional Irish Company Names:

  • Green Dubliner.
  • Gaelic Value.
  • Jigs Society.
  • Fiddle Days.
  • Claddagh Allure.


How do I choose a catchy Irish business name?

  1. Consider your business's products and/or services, brand, and target market.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Ask friends and family for feedback.
  4. Use online polls and surveys.
  5. Check the name availability with the state.
  6. Choose a modern name.

What are some examples of Irish restaurant names?

Check out our complete list of professional and charming Irish restaurant names for inspiration.

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