Brewpub Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Brittle Ax Brewing Company

This name has a great sound to it and really compelling imagery. The perfect name.

2. Knife & Tap Brewpub

Ideal for a brewpub that serves good food along with great beer.

3. Musket Bridge Brewers

This location may be fictional, but it seems real. A strong and memorable name.

4. Red Barrel Brewing House

A striking image in a name that says, "we do things a little differently."

5. The Iron Sickle Brewing Co.

Evocative of certain communal, ideological iconography, this is a strong and striking name.

6. Cobbler's Bend Brewpub

Locations make for great names, even when they're completely made up.

7. The Hearty Hare Brewing Co.

Happy, mischievous, and fun, this name has all the makings of being a classic.

8. Quiver & Blade Brewing House

Evoking "the hunt" and "the fight," this name is perfect for a more rustic, wilder brand.

9. Fox & Lemur Brewpub

The name is made more powerful by the rare pairing of two animals. It hints at a story.

10. Amber Flock Brewers

This catchy name suggests fellowship and camaraderie. An ideal name for any brewpub.

How to Name a Pub

A nine-step process to naming a pub.

More Brewpub Business Name Ideas:

Unused Brewpub Names:

  • The Brew Jug.
  • Crown & King Craft Beer.
  • Krazy Krafters.
  • The Raging Batch.
  • Urban Barrel Bar.

Great Brewpub Business Names:

  • The Brewing Dudes.
  • Cheers To Beers.
  • The Proud Tap.
  • The Drunken Chemist.
  • True Ale Tap Room.

Hip Brewpub Business Names:

  • Dose Of Brew.
  • The Big Brew Pub.
  • Pubingo 72.
  • Jughead's Pub.
  • The Winking Lizard.


What should I name my brewpub startup business?

There are no rules for naming a brewpub business. Much like naming a pub, you can find ideas by considering your location, the building's characteristics, flavor profiles, historical events, nature, and wildlife. Consider consulting our list of brewpub business names for ideas.

How do I choose a brewpub business name?

  1. Check out your competitors' names.
  2. Review your business plan.
  3. Consider your flavor profile, business ideals, and the message you want to convey.
  4. Compile a list of keywords from your research.
  5. Feed your keywords through a business name generator to create name ideas.
  6. Shortlist your favorites and ask for feedback.
  7. Get the best name.

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