The perfect pub name should look good, sound good, carry strong imagery, and make sense as a name for a pub by sticking to the traditional style. We've gathered ten pint-filling names for your pub business.

Pub Business Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NamesDescription
1.The Mug & AleConjuring the iconic image of a mugful of crisp amber beer, the name will be hard to forget.
2.Raven's RestA striking name that makes use of alliteration and evocative imagery.
3.The Owl HouseAn excellent option for a cozy, woody pub.
4.The Heart TreeA whimsical take on a traditional name, with a fantastical tone. The name is modern and memorable.
5.The Mountain BearThe name suggests a rugged, regal atmosphere, and conjures the image of a proud and illusive loner.
6.Pistol & MusketA daring and striking name that draws from history two iconic objects that are packed with meaning.
7.The Red StagEvoking feelings of freedom and the thrill of the hunt, the name is memorable and striking.
8.The Grassy ArmsEvoking the freedom of grass plains, but also the whimsy of scarecrows, this name is for the daring.
9.The Officer's SwordA nod to times of revolution, the name has a hint of mischief. Won't easily be forgotten.
10.The Broken BarrelsWith its musical rhythm and alliteration, and with its iconic "barrels," this is a great pub name.

How to Name a Pub

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What are some famous pub business names?

  • Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.
  • The Spaniard's Inn.
  • The Harwood Arms.
  • McSorley's.
  • The Burren.
  • Coleman's.

What are some unique pub business names?

  • The Officer's Sword.
  • Pistol & Musket.
  • The Heart Tree.

How do I choose a pub business name?

The name of your pub business should look good, sound good, carry strong imagery, and evoke positive emotions. You'll want a name that is unique, but that sounds like a traditional pub name.

What are some catchy pub business names?

  • The Broken Barrels.
  • The Red Stag.
  • The Mountain Bear.
  • The Mug & Ale.

What are some cool pub business names?

  • The Officer's Sword.
  • The Grassy Arms.
  • Pistol & Musket.

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