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Mythological Business Name Ideas:


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1. Eight Goddesses

In Sumerian mythology, there were eight goddesses of healing that people could pray to for their ailments. This is a great mythological business name for an herbalist shop.

2. Dragon's Prosperity

Dragons are seen as a symbol of prosperity and power in Chinese mythology, so this name lends itself to a high-powered business.

3. Golden Apples

Inspired by the Greek goddess Eris' apple of discord, this business name suits an organic produce store or a candied apple shop.

4. Phoenix Song

The phoenix would sing a beautiful song before it burst into flames and rose again from its ashes. The song was an omen of peace and joy, making this name suitable for a therapy business or wellness center.

5. Traps & Tricks

This alliterative name idea is based on the mischief created by fairies, elves, and tricksters. Great for a magic or joke shop.

6. Yama's Dogs

A fun, mythological name idea for a security or bodyguard business. Yama is the Indian ruler of the underworld and his dogs lead the newly dead safely to their eternal rest.

7. Valkyries

These female warriors are well known in Norse mythology, and they make a great addition as a business name for a women's self-defense studio.

8. Delphic Words

In Greek mythology, the oracle of Delphi saw the future and provided words of wisdom, advice, and warning to those who came to her. This is a great name idea for a spiritual shop or tarot reading business.

9. Vishnu's Conch

Vishnu is a Hindu god and the conch is one of his five weapons. The mythology of the conch says that it blows away evil and averts natural disasters. This name idea may suit a music business or a natural disaster relief organization.

10. The Ley Line

A fun alliterative name based on the idea that the world is circled by lines of energy. In various mythologies, the veil between worlds was thinnest where the ley lines cross. This could be a great name for a travel agency.

11. Throne of Kali

As a Hindu goddess, "Kali" adds a presence and majesty to this business name idea, which could work for a furniture company.

12. Elemental Lore

This beautifully lyrical name idea suits a book store and draws on the idea of beings that embody the world's elements: air, water, fire, and earth.

13. Mythologic Shadows

A cool, slightly spooky name idea that suits a gothic or supernatural business.

14. Divinity's Dance

Every culture has or had stories of their gods and the divine, and this name idea pays tribute to the divine in a beautiful, alliterative way.

15. Elements of Hypnos

As the Greek personification of sleep, using "Hypnos" in a business name is well suited to a mattress business or a sleep study clinic.

16. Elysium Mists

A beautiful name for a garden business, Elysium was the Greek conception of the afterlife that was reserved for heroes and demi-gods, similar to the garden of Eden.

17. Vidumuse

This unique name idea combines the Sanskrit word for wise or skilled with the Greek idea of the muses to create a one-of-a-kind name for a library, book store, or poetry club.

18. Siren's Realm

Sirens are well-known figures from Greek mythology who were known to lure sailors with their enchanting music. Try this business name for your dance club or record label.

19. Inanna's Imagination

An alliterative name idea for a supernatural store or publishing company. Inanna is the Mesopotamian goddess of love and beauty and her symbol is an eight-pointed star, which would make a great logo.

20. Totems & Magik

This fun mythological name idea would work well for an esoteric business that sells supernatural ingredients and items that can be used in magical spells.

Greek Business Names

Greek business names for a range of industries.

More Mythological Business Name Ideas:

Indian Mythological Business Names:

  • Narashimha.
  • White Elephant Ways.
  • Nandi Bazaar.
  • Kinnara Boutique.
  • Shiva's Rainbow.

Goddess Business Names:

  • Olympia's Temple.
  • Luna's Breath.
  • Envy of Venus.
  • The Divine Aurora.
  • Elements of Isis.

Hindu God Business Names:

  • Ganesha World.
  • Elements Of Shiva.
  • Lakshmi Beauty Bar.
  • Brahma's Lounge.
  • Vishnu's Loft.

Cool Mythological Business Names:

  • Sirens & Spears.
  • Sacred Immortals.
  • The Owl Of Minerva.
  • Ceres Charm.
  • Oasis Of Ceridwen.

Greek Mythology Company Names:

  • Eyes of Athena.
  • Apollo's Wings.
  • Sisters Of Ares.
  • Poseidon's Gallery.
  • The Gift of Hermes.


Where can I find some mythology business name ideas?

  1. Do some research on mythological creatures who fascinate you or embody an ideal that you connect with.
  2. Look at the gods and goddesses of various cultures.
  3. Consider your culture's past and the stories passed down to you.
  4. Research your competitors or large companies that use mythology in their business names, such as Nike and Hydra Markets.
  5. Use a name generator to come up with a list of names.
  6. Check out our list of name ideas for inspiration.

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