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Mysterious Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Mistoro

Simple, elegant, and suits businesses in various fields. Great brand expansion possibilities.

2. The Trojan Troops

A memorable name that'll look excellent next to a horse-inspired logo. Think brown & white branding.

3. Tangeri

Snappy, abstract name that will leave your clients interested in more. Consider a leaf for a tittle.

4. Every Secret

An intriguing name that promises a surprise. Consider combining the words for a wow factor.

5. Mystery Mayhem

Sounds like your business has a lot to offer! Could work for a mystery murder house or theme store.

6. House of Wonder

A marvelous name for those who specialize in clothing designs, costumes, and/or Halloween makeup.

7. Enigmiz

The purposeful misspelling of "enigma" will surely turn heads. You'll love the slogan options.

8. The Devil's Drink

Straightforward & edgy. Could work for a brewing business or bar. Think red and black branding.

9. Secret Delight

A wonderful name that could work for a candy store that specializes in surprise candy flavors.

10. Mind The Clue

Unique name that will help you stand out. "Clue" hints that you've got inside information on trends.

11. Cryptic Coders

An inventive name that's catchy and modern. Suits a coding business or coding short course service.

12. Divine Red

An unusual but intriguing name that sounds exclusive. Would suit a women's clothing brand.

13. Ten Eagles

This unique name will look great next to an eagle-inspired logo and paired with elegant font.

14. Got Clues?

A fun and modern addition to a murder mystery business. You'll love coming up with a logo.

15. Enigmac

Simple, marketable, and has great business growth opportunities. Consider adding a funky tittle.

16. Hello Cypher

This sleek name sounds reassuring and welcoming. Think orange & black branding with mismatched font.

17. The Cookie Code

Strategic name. Says you've got the inside scoop on the best cookies. Change "o" to a cookie logo.

18. Hidden Finds

Perfect addition to an antique shop. The name hints to clients that they'll find a gem in your shop.

19. Noctono

An abstract name that could look mysterious when paired with the right branding and logo.

20. The Wystery

Fresh, unique, and sophisticated. A compelling name that could suit an inn or modest cafe.

Murder Mystery Business Names

Enticing names for your murder mystery business.

More Mysterious Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Mysterious Brand Names:

  • Celestial Agency.
  • Enigma Signals.
  • The Curious Quartz.
  • Arcane Wander.
  • Divinity's Kiss.

Unique Mysterious Business Names:

  • Mystique Cuisine.
  • Riddle Crystals.
  • OccultTech.
  • The Covert Duck.
  • Secret Moon Lounge.

Cool Mysterious Business Names:

  • Hide 'n' Hollow.
  • Silver Mystique.
  • Traveler's Solace.
  • Enchantment House.
  • Blue2Clue.


How can I come up with some mysterious business names?

  1. Consider your products, services, target market, and industry.
  2. Identify keywords that describe your brand and feed them to a business name generator.
  3. Brainstorm name ideas and share them with peers.
  4. Ask potential customers to complete surveys and online polls.
  5. Perform a name availability search.
  6. Pick a name and register it.

What makes a business name mysterious?

A business name is considered to be "mysterious" when it's intriguing, slightly confusing, and its true meaning is hidden. Mysterious business names are often found in the entertainment and creative arts industries with businesses like mystery murder houses and Halloween costume stores.

What existing companies have mysterious business names?

  • The Murder Mystery Company.
  • Twisted Pictures.
  • One Kings Lane.
  • Hammer Film Productions.
  • Pandora.

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