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Murder Mystery Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. NightScape Murder Mysteries

Alludes to a murder that took place under the cover of darkness. Now to catch the killer!

2. Mystery Twist

Suggests that players can expect challenging puzzles and shocking twists at every turn.

3. Virtual Sleuth

An inviting name for an online murder mystery party. Fun is just a click away!

4. Cryptic Clues

This catchy name encourages players to put on their thinking caps to solve the murder.

5. Midnight Thriller

An enticing name best suited for a murder mystery dinner party.

6. Dr. Sleuth

Suggests that players should adopt a clinical approach to their faux murder investigation.

7. The Mystery Estate

Inspire intrigue with this name idea that conjures images of a large, spooky mansion.

8. Whodunnit Series

This classic name is sure to entice mystery buffs and aspirant detectives alike.

9. DetecTruth

A snappy, straightforward name that demands attention.

10. Undercover Master

This intriguing name inspires players to solve the crime and become the murder mystery master!

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More Murder Mystery Business Name Ideas:

Cool Murder Mystery Business Names:

  • Clues In The Shadows.
  • The Real Killer.
  • The Mad Twist.
  • Puzzle Me Again.
  • Murder's Kiss.

Good Murder Mystery Business Names:

  • Haunting the Night.
  • The Mystery Plot.
  • True Crime Clue.
  • Loveline Murder.
  • The Nightmare Game.

Catchy Murder Mystery Business Names:

  • Mystery Instincts.
  • Murder By Mystery.
  • The Killer Code.
  • The Midnight Twist.
  • Mystery Diaries.

Funny Murder Mystery Business Names:

  • Murdering Crows.
  • Killer Cereal.
  • Mr. Ree.
  • Along Came a Spy.
  • Candlestick & Kitchen.


How do I come up with murder mystery business names?

  1. Think about your business concept and any themes and phrases related to your industry.
  2. Create a list of keywords and combine them to form name ideas or use a business name generator.
  3. Get feedback on your ideas.
  4. Check the state and domain availability of your shortlisted names.
  5. Register your chosen name.
  6. Secure your domain name.

What are some real-life murder mystery business names?

  • Murder Mystery in a Box.
  • The Murder Mystery Company.
  • My Mystery Party.
  • Playing with Murder.
  • Jest Murder Mystery Co.

Where can I find a murder mystery team name generator?

Try Namesnack — you can generate hundreds of murder mystery team name ideas for free by simply inputting a few keywords.

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