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Escape Room Business Name Ideas:


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1. Crooked Midnight

A foreboding name, well-suited to a scary escape room for fans of the horror genre.

2. The Vault Artist

Escape from a room shaped like a bank vault. Think clues hidden in safe deposit boxes, etc.

3. The Buried Chamber

A powerful name. Players must escape from a musty underground chamber before the timer runs out.

4. Riddle Crypt

Memorable. "Riddle" is a reference to the puzzles players will have to solve to escape the crypt.

5. Epic Breakout

A good slogan could tie it to any themed escape room. "Epic" suggests excitement and/or adventure.

6. Treasure Night

Imagine an escape room where players must team up to find hidden treasures before they can escape.

7. Blood Clue

Simple & sinister. Great for an escape room with a crime or murder mystery feel.

8. Break Nightmare

May attract those who enjoy a good scare. Good for an escape room for players with nerves of steel.

9. Crooked Deathtrap

Suited to an extreme escape room. May attract clients who don't mind signing liability waivers.

10. The Old Opera

Imagine a room that resembles a neglected opera, where players wear period costumes & find clues.

11. The Nightmare Game

Great for an escape room that can be customized with elements from players' worst nightmares.

12. Danger Dream

A versatile & memorable name for an escape room experience that won't soon be forgotten.

13. The Washing Machine

A cool water-themed escape room where players could possibly move levers to get water to flow in the right direction.

14. Ra's Revenge

The Egyptian god Ra is used as a clue to the theme of this room. A great opportunity to do a period piece.

15. Rage in the Machine

A tech-inspired room that could involve binary code riddles, wiring a small machine, and more.

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More Escape Room Business Name Ideas:

Unique Escape Room Business Names:

  • The Hidden Back Room.
  • Crazy Escape.
  • Find the Nemesis.
  • Welcome to the Unknown.
  • Escape Arcadia.

Cool Escape Room Names:

  • Mystery Lock.
  • Clue Breakout.
  • The Vault Mystery.
  • My Time Crypt.
  • Bright Clue.

Memorable Escape Room Names:

  • Escape Room Quest.
  • The Mind Trickery.
  • Scary Evacuation.
  • Mr. Escape Lab.
  • The Deadly Secret.

Clever Escape Room Names:

  • Creepy Chamber.
  • The Maze Master.
  • Escape Myst.
  • Exiled Ghost.
  • Fear & Treasures.

Funny Escape Room Names:

  • It's All an Illusion!
  • Tumble Through.
  • Don't Be the Last One In.
  • Scooby's Land.
  • Grim & Scary.


How do I pick a name for my escape room business?

  1. Conduct industry research and look at existing names of escape rooms and murder mystery games.
  2. Consider your target audience, their tastes, and age groups.
  3. Write down any relevant keywords and use them to come up with escape room name ideas.
  4. Feed a few keywords into a business name generator.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Register your best name.

What are some existing escape room names?

  • The Crooked Key.
  • Escape Artist Greenville.
  • Smoky Mountain Escape Games.
  • Green Light Escape Room.
  • Escape My Room.

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