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Party Bus Rental Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Birthday Shuttle

Using a straightforward name like this one will make your business memorable.

2. Decker Party

"Decker" relates to a bus and "party" specifies what people can do on your bus.

3. Celebrate Bus

"Celebrate" is a general way to advertise what people can do on your bus.

4. Party Decker

"Decker" takes the place of "bus" in this name and states clearly what your business does.

5. My Shuttle Party

"My" in this name will draw customers to have their parties on your bus.

6. Event Decker

Using "event" makes your services appealing to a wide variety of customers because it is general.

7. Entertainment Shuttle

"Entertainment" is a good word for keeping your services general enough for any event to be hosted.

8. The Bus Event

"The" in this name emphasizes your business as the foremost party bus service.

9. Birthdaydecker

This made-up noun combines "birthday" and "decker" to describe what your business provides.

10. Festivity Bus

"Festivity" is a good general word to describe any number of events that can be hosted on the bus.

More Party Bus Rental Business Name ideas:

Funny Party Bus Names:

  • Top2Toos Bus.
  • Riding Cowboys.
  • The Fairy's Bus.
  • Wacky Party Wheels.
  • The Tousled Lady.

Creative Party Bus Rental Business Names:

  • A Party & A Seat.
  • Bumpers Bus.
  • Gasolina Party.
  • Bus Stop Party.
  • Blue Rock Party Bus.

Catchy Party Bus Rental Company Names:

  • The Party Bus Co.
  • Your Party Drive.
  • One-Way Fun.
  • Fiesta Bus & Beer.
  • Dream Bus Rentals.

Unique Party Bus Names:

  • Paparazzi Party Bus.
  • The Foxy Cart.
  • Campus Party Lines.
  • Bus 4 Party.
  • Wheelin' Thunder.

Great Party Bus Company Names:

  • All 4U Parties.
  • Havana Party Bus.
  • Big Party Tours.
  • Campbus Fiesta.
  • Wheels of Fun.

Good Party Bus Business Names:

  • Budget Party Bus.
  • Inline Fun.
  • Wild Wheels AZ.
  • The Rowdy Rail.
  • Adorable Party Buses.

Dirty Party Bus Names:

  • Naughty Party Bus.
  • The Sexy Party.
  • Hottie Caboose.
  • Kinky & Nice Bus.
  • Sin City Playbus.


How do I choose a party bus rental business name?

  1. Write down keywords or name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business names generator.
  4. Show these names to potential clients to see which they like.
  5. Ask friends and family for their opinions.
  6. Check to see if your potential names are already registered with the state.
  7. Check to see if there are domain names available for your potential names.

What are some famous party bus rental business names?

  • Green Dream Tours.
  • Gillibus.
  • The JellyBus.
  • Cali Party Bus.
  • Million Services.

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