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Laser Tag Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Indoor Tag

For an indoor laser tag venue, this name describes your business efficiently.

2. Packlaser

Many people play laser tag in teams, so this name creates an image of a group experience.

3. Laseractivity

This name is simple and memorable. For adults, this name also seems more grown up than "tag."

4. Optics Up

"Optics" creates an image of a military setting, making laser tag sound action-packed and serious.

5. The Laser Action

The word "action" in this name suggests that the activity can be more competitive than "tag."

6. Laserise

This made-up noun creates the image of "lasering" other players. This fun image makes it memorable.

7. Outlaser

This name creates a feeling of competition, suggesting that you "outlaser" other players and win.

8. The Tag Activity

This name has several sound repetitions that make it fun to say and memorable.

9. Laserverge

The word "verge" means on the edge, creating an image of this experience being exciting.

10. Warlaser

Using "war" instead of "tag" makes the game more appealing to adults and seem more serious.

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More Laser Tag Business Name Ideas:

Unique Laser Tag Business Names:

  • Lasermania.
  • Skirmish Space.
  • Laser Zone.
  • Plasma Quest.
  • Laser Nation.

Catchy Laser Tag Business Names:

  • Laser Town.
  • Mars Laser Center.
  • Laser Squad.
  • Zeta Fighters.
  • The Laser Gunners.

Cool Laser Tag Business Names:

  • Space Attack.
  • Infrared Invasion.
  • Laser Hunt.
  • Cyber Quest.
  • Blastag.

Best Laser Tag Business Names:

  • Zeta Laser Tag.
  • Laser Warz.
  • Mars Mission.
  • Laser Warriors.
  • Alien Blasterz.

Hilarious Laser Tag Names:

  • Tic Tag Toe.
  • Blast 'Em.
  • Pew Pew.
  • Laser Up!
  • Blasters Blazin'.


How do I choose a laser tag business name?

  1. Make a list of potential names and keywords.
  2. Use a business name generator to come up with new keyword combinations.
  3. Ask potential customers which names they like.
  4. Show the names to friends and family to see which names they like.
  5. Check the name availability.

What are some famous laser tag business names?

  • Laser Quest.
  • Area 53 Laser Tag.
  • Q-Zar.
  • Ultrazone Laser Tag.
  • Zone Laser Tag.
  • Lost Worlds Laser Tag.
  • Party Plot.

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