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1. Canny Counters

An alliterative name that's catchy and easy to sell. "Canny," which may also imply "resourceful" or "clever," emphasizes your company's attention to detail and knowledge, whereas "Counters" appeals to clients who value every dollar. This name will suit a financial planning or shopping service.

2. The Thrifty Raider

A unique name that commands attention. "The Thrifty" is catchy but still manages to sound refined, thanks to the inclusion of "The," which implies you're the best source for thrifting. "Raider," deliberately used in the singular form, emphasizes the personal experience of raiding through items.

3. Bargain Belles

This memorable name has feminine undertones, making it the ideal choice for a thrift store that stocks clothes for a female clientele. "Bargain" promises amazing deals, while "Belles," which translates to "beautiful women," builds on the name's subtle charm.

4. The Closet

A distinct name that opts for a direct approach to steal attention from passersby. "The" has a powerful ring to it, and in this name, it commands your attention. While "Closet" hints at variety, it also carries a personal element that reflects the closeness of peering into another's space or things.

5. Thrift + Trunk

The repetitive "T" sound makes this a memorable name that will help boost networking and marketing initiatives. "Thrift" highlights your company's area of expertise, while "Trunk" helps customers envision a trunk full of great bargains. The "+" symbol adds a modern flair.


This thrifty name is simple and concise, yet it conveys a profound message about kindness, making it suitable for a business that relies on donations. "KIND" appears stern and commanding in capital letters, a design choice that would look fantastic in an elegant font and paired with minimal colors.

7. It's Thrift Time

A marketing gem that sounds like the start of a catchy slogan, a feature that will have customers coming back for more. Based on the popular phrase "it's party time," this name carries a hint of modernism, making it the perfect match for a thrift store that wishes to appear trendy and approachable.

8. The Rabbit Hole

A clever name that draws inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, a tale about a little girl who pursues a rabbit down a mysterious rabbit hole. The process of sifting through thrifted belongings with no idea of what surprises you'll uncover along the way is effectively represented in this narrative.

9. Reboot

One-word business names are great for brand recognition and marketing efforts, and they offer plenty of room to expand later on. "Reboot," a term typically used to refer to television remakes, has a modern ring to it here, making it the ideal match for a business that specializes in second chances.

10. Thrifty Business

This modest name takes the direct approach, opting to showcase your business's true strength; thrifted items. While "Thirfty" is on-brand and playful, "Business" builds on the name's sophisticated charm and makes it clear that your services are professional.

11. Treasure Trunk

"Treasure" is inspired by the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure," promising discoveries and plenty to browse through. "Trunk" hints that you've got enough variety to fill a whole truck full of goods. The repeated "Tr" sound boosts memorability and helps with word-of-mouth networking.

12. Twice Shy

"Thrifty" implies "wise" and "careful," which are sentiments expressed in this clever name. "Twice Shy" refers to performing something twice, the second time needing extreme caution. It speaks to the nature of your business, which demands customers be cautious when searching through vintage items.

13. Frugal Finds

If you want your brand to communicate affordability and approachability, this alliterative name will be a great fit. "Frugal," which also means "prudent" or "sparing," hints that you've got a bargain for every finicky shopper, while "Finds" promises the surprise of discovering something new.

14. Your Loss

A cool, witty name that lets customers know you've got hidden gems buried amongst your items; gems that were once willfully given away and are now waiting to be rediscovered by a devoted owner. "Your" adds a personal touch, while "Loss" could suit a business that relies on donations or lost items.

15. Trinkets & Tokens

"Trinkets" hints that you stock small, dainty items, while "Tokens" adds personal value to your products. This name's charm will win over customers with its stylish structure and promise of discovering a lifelong gift, making it ideal for a thrift store specializing in jewelry or family treasures.

16. The Vintage Fix

"Vintage" adds a classic twist to this name, imbuing it with feelings of refinement and timelessness, while "Fix" implies that you've got the latest trends that will leave customers feeling inspired. "The" builds on the logo's sophisticated charm, and it would look great in dainty lettering.

17. What We Wore

A cool and unique name idea that's made for a second-hand clothing store. The repetition of "W" aids in consumer memorability and brand recognition, making this name easy to market and employ for word-of-mouth initiatives. "We" adds a personal touch that welcomes both shoppers and donors.

18. Dreamland

A lovely name that projects a magical and youthful vibe. "Dreamland" implies that you stock products from your clients' wildest fantasies, making your store the ideal location for discovering rare gems. To complement the dreamy aesthetic, pair this name with pastel tones and summer-inspired imagery.

19. Yard It!

A unique name that inspires action. "Yard" refers to yard sales, a trend where people sell their pre-loved goods in their yard, creating an informal and personal shopping experience. This name suits a business that takes this idea to the next level, hosting epic yard sales that are a local staple.

20. The Magic Market

The promise of magic will enchant customers looking for their next best find. By repeating the "M" sound, the name carries a lovely sing-song quality that will help improve memorability. "Market" hints at variety, and it's ideal for those who stock everything from clothes and books to toys and art.

Thrift Store Business Names

Unique name ideas for your thrift store.

More Thrifty Business Name Ideas:

Clever Thrifty Business Names:

  • Suffer The Less.
  • Purseful Of Dimes.
  • Urban City Antiques.
  • EZ Dollar Stores.
  • Luxx Thrifty.

Funny Thrifty Business Names:

  • Wrap Me Up.
  • Thrift-a-Mater.
  • The Secondhand Fix.
  • Tiny Town Trinkets.
  • Luke's Second Helping.


How do I come up with a thrifty business name?

  1. Think about the nature of your business and its target market.
  2. Research your competitors and industry to identify trends.
  3. Identify keywords that best describe your brand.
  4. Use a business name generator for inspiration.
  5. Create a list of your top-five name ideas and ask trusted peers for their honest feedback.
  6. Conduct a name availability search in your state.
  7. Choose a memorable name and register it.

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