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Thrift Store Business Name Ideas:


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1. Thrifted Threads

This business name has a nice ring to it and clearly indicates that your thrift store specializes in clothing. This would be a great name for a store that sorts clothing according to price, style, genre, and decade — a one-stop shop for affordable threads.

2. Less is More Store

The term "less is more" is usually used in content creation to pare down rambling prose that serves no purpose. In this case, the term is cleverly used to indicate the low pricing of your thrift store items and the sheer enjoyment of getting more for less.

3. Second Life

Simple and effective — this business name is a direct reference to the clothing and goods in your thrift store. Instead of ending up in the trash, items get a second life with someone who will appreciate them as much as their previous owners.

4. Frugal Fun

While frugality is not usually associated with fun, this thrift shop name can change all that. This name lets customers know that they won't be spending a lot on their purchases and they will be having loads of fun finding hidden treasures.

5. Bargain Bandits

This catchy business name is fun to say and easy to remember. The word "Bargain" is universally understood as finding high value for a lower price. By adding in "Bandit" you are implying that customers will feel like they have gotten their purchase for a steal!

6. Thrifting on Demand

The catchphrase "On Demand" is commonly used to indicate a service that is easily accessible and perfectly curated for the individual. This is a great way to advertise your thrift shop. It lets customers know they can find what they want when they want.

7. The Pre-Loved Warehouse

Instead of purchasing "used" clothing or goods, people prefer the idea of "Pre-Loved" items. This business name suggests that your thrift store is a veritable warehouse of items that were once loved by their former owners and are now looking for new homes.

8. Thrift Flip

Flipping and upcycling are a major part of the thrifting experience. Many customers are on the hunt for the perfect item to flip. This business name suggests that your thrift store is the place to find the best bargains and the best items.

9. Thrifty Fifty

This is a fun and memorable name that uses alliteration and rhyming to stand out from the crowd. The word "Thrifty" lets customers know you are a thrift store while "Fifty" could be left to interpretation or describe the max price shoppers will pay for an item.

10. Another Man's Treasure

As the saying goes "one man's trash is another man's treasure" — a perfect description for a store that gives new life to forgotten items. While the name is a bit of a mouthful, the message hits home and invites customers to find their own treasures.

Vintage & Consignment Shop Business Names

Catchy and inspiring names for your vintage and consignment shop.

More Thrift Store Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Thrift Store Business Names:

  • Cash For Cloth.
  • The Outlet Shed.
  • Frugal Fort.
  • The Penny Rebel.
  • Tribe of Treasures.

Cool Thrift Store Business Names:

  • Pimpin' Goodies.
  • New Urban.
  • Rack Swap.
  • Thrift-X-Off.
  • Refinery Outlet.

Good Thrift Shop Names:

  • The Exchange Depot.
  • Reusable Relics.
  • Goodwill Warehouse.
  • Sole Savers.
  • Vogue on Market.

Modern Thrifting Business Names:

  • Thrifty's.
  • True Bargains.
  • Savvy Seconds.
  • The Stockyard.
  • Nifty Shoppers.

Inventive Thrift Store Names:

  • Save a Nickel.
  • Lord Loot.
  • Future Trend.
  • The Resale Park.
  • Platinum Basics.

Funny Thrift Shop Names:

  • Dime Divas.
  • The Buck Busters.
  • Treasure Thrills.
  • Not Too Shabby.
  • Wild Sourcing.

Great Resale Business Names:

  • The Thrifted Nest.
  • All Worn Mart.
  • Clearance Street.
  • Bargain Bazaar.
  • The Resale Royale.

Interesting Clothing Thrift Shop Names:

  • The Sunday Merchant.
  • Grunged Up.
  • Penny Huntress.
  • The Fine Frugal.
  • Trade Wallet.

Aesthetic Thrift Store Names:

  • Just a Thrifty.
  • Rettro.
  • The Playful Pantry.
  • Used + New.
  • Things 4 Things.

Cute Thrift Store Names:

  • Taste Thrift.
  • Pixie Niche.
  • Born Vintage.
  • The Lovely Box.
  • Apparal Alley.


What can I name my online thrift store?

Have a look at our list of thrift store business names for inspiration or use a business name generator.

What are some well-known thrift store business names?

  • thredUP.
  • Goodwill.
  • Depop.
  • Luxury Garage Sale.
  • The Salvation Army.

What are some synonyms for thrift store?

Depending on the type and location of the business, a thrift store may be referred to as a "second-hand shop," "consignment store," "charity shop," or "opportunity (op) shop." A collection of stalls that sell second-hand and other items may be referred to as a "flea market." You should remember this when choosing a name for your thrift store.

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