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Outlet Store Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Goodies Priced to Go

A versatile name, suitable for any outlet store. Add a descriptive slogan to tell customers more.

2. The Clothing Surprise Box

Descriptive. Clients who shop here will be astounded by the discounts on high-end clothing brands.

3. Delicious Designer Discounts

Great for an outlet store that sells designer clothing & accessories, and also serves light meals.

4. Shop Forever Outlet

Calling all shopaholics: you'll never want to leave this outlet store once you enter.

5. Divine Online Discounts

A multi-use name for an online outlet store. An appropriate slogan or logo could provide more info.

6. Cash In Outlet Store

"Cash In" encourages potential customers to take full advantage of the great deals in-store.

7. Forever Broke Outlet Store

Punchy. A fun name that will draw clients who don't take themselves too seriously.

8. Add to Cart Outlet

Catchy. Would work for a brick-and-mortar store, but is probably more suited to an online shop.

9. Bargain Factorie

The unusual spelling of "Factorie" may generate interest. Great for a no-frills outlet store.

10. Discount Hunter's Heaven

A catchy name that will attract anyone who can appreciate a good bargain.

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More Outlet Store Business Name Ideas:

Unique Outlet Store Business Names:

  • The Vault Escape.
  • Looters Loft.
  • Quality Outlet Co.
  • The Bargain Basin.
  • Red Rock Bargains.

Cool Outlet Store Business Names:

  • Love 'n' stuff.
  • Lucky 7 Bargains.
  • Go-Price Shop.
  • Luxx Marketplace.
  • The Value Center.

Memorable Outlet Store Business Names:

  • Luxx Outlets.
  • Topsail Kids.
  • Hustle & Shop.
  • Mad City Outlets.
  • Clothes Off Limit.

Online Outlet Store Business Names:

  • Your Clothes Online.
  • Vogue Web.
  • Fashion 4U.
  • Cheap Chic Click.
  • Big Buy.


What are some names of real outlet stores?

  • Acne Archive.
  • Foxtown Factory Outlets.
  • Jeremys.
  • Prada Space Outlet.
  • Bicester Village.

How do I choose a name for my outlet store?

  1. Think about the goods/brands you'll sell, the type of clientele you want to attract, and your brand values.
  2. Look at the names of existing outlet stores for more ideas.
  3. Write down some keywords and combine them to form business names.
  4. Run your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Register your best name.

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