Etsy poses various limitations on store names. Most saliently, they ought to be under 20 characters, free from punctuation, and without spaces. Dreading the idea of finding a catchy name that fits the bill? Comb through our list of unique, compelling names to find the perfect option for your Etsy store today.

Etsy Store Name Ideas:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.HeartOnaCanvasConveys meaning while eliciting interest. Ideal for a family-oriented, commissioned art business.
2.FeathersAndStonesCombines two seemingly opposite keywords. Could work for a jewelry business, craft store, etc.
3.GatheredThread"Gathered" suggests curation. Suitable for clothing shops. Could also work for an art supply store.
4.MuddyPawprintsSimple and endearing. Could work for a variety of pet-owned businesses.
5.ContainMyJunkFor a store that specializes in storage solutions ("**contain**ers"; think food, make-up, etc.).
6.VintageTrinketsOpen to interpretation. For a store that sells actual vintage and/or vintage-inspired pieces.
7.MarbledClayAn earthy but sophisticated name that could work well for a pottery store.
8.CloudsAndCoSynonymous with weightlessness. Made memorable by the repetition of the "c-" sound.
9.SunshineMoonAnother nature-inspired name. Multi-use, but could be great for a store that sells boho jewelry.
10.FreshPreserves"Fresh" suggests high quality. Ideal for a shop that sells preserves (cranberry, fig, etc.).

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What are some interesting Etsy store names?

  • HeartOnaCanvas.
  • FeathersAndStones.
  • GatheredThread.
  • MuddyPawprints.
  • ContainMyJunk.
  • VintageTrinkets.
  • MarbledClay.
  • FreshPreserves.

What are some cachy craft store names?

  • The Glitter Hunt.
  • Color Rapids.
  • Ink Spill.
  • ArTrove.
  • Craft Level.
  • Marbled Clay.
  • Plentiful Projects.
  • Art Hutch.

What are some vintage Etsy shop names?

  • VintageTrinkets.
  • DaintyGemstones.
  • FreshPreserves.
  • FeathersAndStones.
  • RoseStain.
  • MarbledClay.
  • GentlyWornVintage.
  • LikeNewGemstones.

What are some cute Etsy shop names?

  • CloudsAndCo.
  • GentlyWornVintage.
  • WoodenBinoculars.
  • SunrayCo.
  • KnittingGrandmas.
  • DaintyGemstones.
  • SunshineMoon.
  • TheWarmPlanet.

Where can I find an Etsy store name generator?

Try NameSnack. The AI-powered tool utilizes user-provided keywords, company data, and other information to generate thousands of unique name suggestions. You could even choose to filter the results according to your preferred domain extension(s). Remember to request that the name ideas be emailed to you for free if you'd like to refer to them later on.

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