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Etsy Store Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. HeartOnaCanvas

Conveys meaning while eliciting interest. Ideal for a family-oriented, commissioned art business.

2. FeathersAndStones

Combines two seemingly opposite keywords. Could work for a jewelry business, craft store, etc.

3. GatheredThread

"Gathered" suggests curation. Suitable for clothing shops. Could also work for an art supply store.

4. MuddyPawprints

Simple and endearing. Could work for a variety of pet-owned businesses.

5. ContainMyJunk

For a store that specializes in storage solutions ("containers"; think food, make-up, etc.).

6. VintageTrinkets

Open to interpretation. For a store that sells actual vintage and/or vintage-inspired pieces.

7. MarbledClay

An earthy but sophisticated name that could work well for a pottery store.

8. CloudsAndCo

Synonymous with weightlessness. Made memorable by the repetition of the "c-" sound.

9. FreshPreserves

"Fresh" suggests high quality. Ideal for a shop that sells preserves (cranberry, fig, etc.).

10. SunshineMoon

Another nature-inspired name. Multi-use, but could be great for a store that sells boho jewelry.

How to Name an Etsy Shop

A 7-step guide to naming your Etsy shop.

More Etsy Store Name Ideas:

Interesting Etsy Store Names:

  • ThePetitPumpkin.
  • CustomDesigns.
  • TheArtOfGiving.
  • ToDyeFor.
  • TheSilkyBlues.

Vintage Etsy Shop Names:

  • MarbledAway.
  • MyFineVine.
  • AuntiesAntiqueAttic.
  • BoldAndOldTreasures.
  • TheGoodAndTheHealthy.

Cute Etsy Shop Names:

  • CuteThingz.
  • FairytalesEnd.
  • TheLittleBeanie.
  • PinkPetals.
  • TheAmazingSewingSpot.

Catchy Etsy Shop Names:

  • TwistedTwirls.
  • GemGenius.
  • ProudAndLoud.
  • ThePreciousNickel.
  • GlamourGoods.

Fun Jewellery Etsy Shop Names:

  • BeInBrooch.
  • Bearings.
  • GoldenGirlz.
  • IndePendant.
  • NearMisses.

Cool Boho Etsy Shop Names:

  • HippieHooray.
  • TheRunningThread.
  • MyHomeywoodLounge.
  • DressedToImpressed.
  • TheArtOfShoppe.

Best Etsy Shop Names:

  • DesiredDesigns.
  • InfinityAndBeyond.
  • JustArtsy.
  • ChrystellesEnergy.
  • TheOrganicShop.

Good Etsy Shop Names:

  • MyGoldsmyth.
  • SimplyArtiful.
  • CharmingChills.
  • MagicMoment.
  • ThisIsHandmade.

Aesthetic Etsy Shop Names:

  • SilverSky.
  • BeadsOfWonder.
  • TheYarnYard.
  • AllAboutRocks.
  • CandleCreations.

Bohemian Etsy Shop Names:

  • NoTime2Dye.
  • TheVintageVagabond.
  • LaceyTimes.
  • JustALittleSomething.
  • TheStitchShoppe.


Where can I find an Etsy shop name idea generator?

You can use NameSnack, a free and intuitive company name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

Where can I find some Etsy store name ideas?

You can take a look at our list of examples for inspiration.

What are some some existing Etsy shop names?

  • RogueRetro.
  • grandmothersattic.
  • Savor.
  • HomeStudio.
  • Kindertype.
  • Miss Avocado.
  • Vegetabowls.
  • Zeldabelle.

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