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1. The Home Catalog

A "catalog" is a detailed list of items and perfectly describes an online store with a wide variety of products available. This name sounds cool and refined, much like an upmarket homeware store.

2. Rouge Beauty

This trendy name conveys a message of style. The word "rouge" hints that your online business sells cosmetics or beauty products that will help customers achieve a rosy glow.

3. Splurge

A short, snappy name that calls customers to action and encourages them to spend lavishly on your online store. It also suggests that your products are marketed to a classy, affluent audience.

4. FashionNet

If your online store is a fashion emporium with gorgeous clothing items and accessories on sale, this pretty name will get your message across. The word "net" lets customers know that your business is exclusively available online.

5. First Order

An original name that sounds professional and punchy. It implies that clients can order first-rate, high-quality items from your online store. The word "order" adds a feeling of structure and strength to the name.

6. Travel&Taste

This inventive name is a sublime choice for an online store that sells international products, such as snacks, condiments, and rare ingredients that aren't available everywhere.

7. The Diva's Closet

Let customers browse through your closet of beautiful garments and accessories with this sassy and fun name. It's ideal for an online shop that sells pre-loved items or stylish ensembles with lots of sparkle and glamor.

8. LoveCollection

A charming name that alludes to your online store's "collection" of sweet and delightful items that can be gifted to loved ones. It's perfect for an online gift store or decoration business.

9. Offprints

If your online store sells a variety of novels, textbooks, and other print publications, this name is a playful way to communicate what your business is all about.

10. Game Station

This funky name conjures images of large assortments of video games, gadgets, comic books, and tech items. The word "station" sounds authoritative and suggests that your online store is a one-stop wonderland of games.

11. Thriftgram

Derived from "thrift" and "Instagram." For stores looking to generate sales on social media.

12. Deals Atlas

Suggests a collection of the best offers. Great for outlet stores, travel agencies, etc.

13. Homegrown Focus

For stores with an emphasis on sustainability and/or DIY projects. A relevant and catchy name.

14. Trendy Layer

Great for those who sell clothing, accessories, bedding, etc. Suggestive of style and functionality.

15. Reantique

For pre-owned goods. "Re" can be a shortened form of "repurposed" and/or "reupholstered."

16. Dealsverge

Where the best deals converge in a single spot. Lends itself to the idea of thoughtfulness and ease.

17. International Capsule

Ideal for those who sell items sourced from a wide variety of regions. Sounds curated and exclusive.

18. Evenfood

"Even" suggests nutrition and sustainability. Conveys meaning about the store's products and values.

19. Thrift Light

Encourages thoughtfulness, even while thrifting. For those promoting sustainability and fair trade.

20. Clearflowers

Catchy! Suggests transparency and delicateness. Ideal for florists, jewelers, clothing stores, etc.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

How to Name an Online Store

A step-by-step guide to naming an online store.

More Online Store Name Ideas:

Good Names for an Online Store:

  • Quick Orders.
  • Cheap Castle.
  • Sell 2 Save.
  • Buyer Paradise.
  • Ezy-Craft Digital.

Great Online Store Names:

  • The Big Vault.
  • Let's Purchase!
  • Cart2Shop.
  • Xero Market.
  • Ship N' Pack It.

Catchy Online Store Names:

  • Buy & Shop.
  • Lux Online.
  • Digital Wardrobe.
  • Shop.It.Com.
  • Buy2NBuy.

Professional Online Store Names:

  • Worldwide Best.
  • Top Shopping.
  • 3W Outlet.
  • My Virtual Mall.
  • We Ship It Online.

Trendy Online Store Names:

  • Brisk Pack.
  • Alphabet Store.
  • Digital Picking.
  • Shimplicity.
  • Dot Com.


What are some real-life online store names?

  • eBay.
  • Amazon.
  • ModCloth.
  • Best Buy.
  • Zappos.

How do I name my online store?

  1. Write down some words that best describe your online store's products and target market.
  2. Combine the words and feed them into a business name generator.
  3. Make a list of your favorite names.
  4. Show the names to friends and family for feedback.
  5. Choose the most creative and unique name.
  6. Check if it is available and register it.

Where can I find creative names for online stores?

You can read through our list of online store names to spark your imagination and help you decide what to name your online store.

Where can I go to create some names for my online store?

You can use our business name generator to create a unique name for your online store. Once you've selected the best one, navigate to Zarla to design a cool logo that will match your new business name.

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Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.