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Curio Shop Name Ideas:


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1.Oceanside Curio Market

A professional and straightforward name that conjures images of a cool sea breeze and screaming seagulls. It immediately lets customers know that your curio shop sells ocean-themed products.


This short but sweet name suggests that your business can help clients find the perfect decorations for their homes. It's well-suited to a curio shop that specializes in decor.

3.House of Vintage

A classy name that expresses a sense of style and elegance. It alludes to your business's affinity for valuable, retro items and is a great choice for a curio shop that stocks pre-loved clothing and accessories.

4.Moda Urbana

This trendy name means "city fashion" in Spanish and is an awesome choice for a curio business that carries high-quality, modern fashion and accessories.

5.The Occult Collection

If your curio shop is all about magic and mystery, this cool name will perfectly convey the message. The word "collection" implies that your business stocks a wide variety of mystical trinkets.


"Opus" refers to large-scale works, such as paintings or furniture pieces. When combined with the word "local," it creates a charming name that will entice customers to visit your curio shop and browse through its big, artisanal, and locally produced items on sale.

7.Natural Crafters

A personable name that gives a subtle nod to the artists that create the products your curio shop sells. The word "natural" notifies customers that your items are made of organic, clean ingredients.

8.Traveler's Treasures

This alliterative and cute name suggests that your curio shop caters to tourists that want to purchase a memento of their travels, such as postcards, traditional clothing items, or artworks.

9.Bel Regalo

Translating to "beautiful gift" in Italian, this lovely name has lots of charm and makes your business sound like the best place to visit for items of substance and beauty. It's ideal for a curio shop that stocks bath and body products.

10.Venus Trading

"Venus" refers to the idea of love and romance, which is a good choice for a curio shop that sells pretty trinkets or beauty products.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What is a good name for a curio shop?

  • Oceanside Curio Market.
  • House of Vintage.
  • Bel Regalo.
  • Traveler's Treasures.

What are some unique curio shop names?

  • LocalOpus.
  • Venus Trading.
  • The Occult Collection.
  • Moda Urbana.

How do you name a vintage curio shop?

  1. Think about words that best describe your curio shop's products and target market.
  2. Combine these with words associated with vintage, such as "retro" or "style."
  3. Feed them into a business name generator and browse through the name ideas.
  4. Select your favorite ones and show them to friends or family.
  5. Choose the most unique name and register it.

What are some cute curio business names?

  • Natural Crafters.
  • Decorated.
  • Oceanside Curio Market.
  • Bel Regalo.

What are some creative curio shop names?

  • The Occult Collection.
  • House of Vintage.
  • Moda Urbana.
  • Venus Trading.

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