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1. Collective Stroke

A versatile name for an artist-run initiative. "Stroke" may imply paintings are the main attraction.

2. Ice Muse

A solid name for an art gallery where ice sculptures are displayed.

3. The Hive Heart

A trendy name. "Hive" may be suggestive of productive energy, good vibrations, etc.

4. The Prism Rock

"Prism" may suggest a gallery with geometric art installations.

5. Nature Stroke

Suitable for a place that displays art inspired by nature. Also fitting for green art galleries.

6. Hollow Picture

Slightly sinister. A suitable choice for an art gallery that has grunge-inspired artwork on display.

7. The Modern Street

Imagine a trendy art gallery with unique installations and highly Instagrammable artwork.

8. The Creative Love

A versatile art gallery name. May attract creatives and art lovers from all walks of life.

9. Evergreen Brush

"Evergreen" may suggest an art gallery that never closes or one that displays timeless pieces.

10. Sculpt Spirit

A catchy, memorable name. Great for an art gallery where a variety of sculptures can be enjoyed.

Art Business Names

Compelling name ideas for your art business.
  • Brush It Off.
  • In Motion Artists.
  • French Girls Gallery.
  • Hyper-Creatives.
  • Cherry Fine Art.
  • Canvas Poets.
  • Artistry Collectors.
  • Nouvelle Artem.
  • To the Drypoint.
  • Between the Coats Gallery.
  • Artistic Catch.
  • Hot Pressed Art.
  • Saturation Concept.
  • Bizzarre Artisan.
  • All in Context.
  • Thirsty Canvas.
  • Sculpted to Be.
  • Gesso 'n' Gesso.
  • Dried Ink Collective.
  • L'Arte District.

Great Art Center Names:

  • Paint Bar Expo.
  • Creatives Together.
  • Contextual Collective.
  • Mixed Media Center.
  • The Artiste's Paint Brush.
  • Artistry of Art.
  • Nouveau Gallery.
  • Polka Dot Gallery.
  • Paint Whisperers.
  • Pretty Soul Exhibitions.


  1. Consider the type of art gallery you want to start, the art you'll display, and your target audience.
  2. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form names.
  3. Once you've compiled a shortlist, ask for feedback from friends and family.
  4. Register your best name.

Try Namesnack — you can generate scores of free art gallery name ideas by simply inputting a few keywords. Also, consider consulting our list of art gallery business names for ideas.

  • The Getty Center.
  • National Gallery of Art.
  • Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • The Frick Collection.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • ArteVino Studio.
  • Chroma Gallery.
  • Kohn Gallery.

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