Your art business name should be memorable and compelling, and it should capture in some way certain qualities you want to be associated with your business and brand. Consider your products, materials, techniques, and styles for more guidance with finding a unique name. We collected ten evocative name ideas for your art business.

Art Business Names:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.Aura PopMerging the spiritual with the visual, this name is ideal for motivational art, posters, etc.
2.Crackle PrintEvoking ideas of freshness, joy, and liveliness, this name is ideal for the quirkier art business.
3.Snap DadaIdeal for an artist accepting commissioned work, the name pairs speed with a daring art movement.
4.Mood MotifNice usage of alliteration. The memorable name beams with a sense of calm. Ideal for decorative art.
5.MooDoodlePlayful, quirky, and fun, this name won't easily be forgotten. Works well for a younger market.
6.Easel HeartUsing strong imagery, the name evokes a sense of passion and dedication. For the more serious brand.
7.Fine StrokesAlmost jargony, the name is ideal for the fine arts trader. It feels high-end and classical.
8.Vibrant SafariGreat for the business offering a wide range of creative products. The name is very compelling.
9.Sublime MuseEvoking a sense of serenity, this silky name is perfect for art or design with a lighter touch.
10.Candid BrushOpenness, honesty, and unhindered expression. This name works for just about any art business.

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How do I name my art business?

  1. Find the names of businesses you like and question why you think their names work.
  2. Search through art blogs, magazines, documentaries, etc., and gather words that appeal to you.
  3. Blend and combine these words in interesting ways.
  4. Feed these words into a name generator such as NameSnack.

What should I name my art website?

Your art website name should be memorable and compelling. It should also capture the essence of the art you create, feature, or sell. A good place to start is to gather as many words that associate with art and appeal to you. Then, you could feed them into a name generator or use them to create unexpected blends and combinations.

Can I use my middle name for my art business?

There are no rules for naming your art business. All you want is for the name to be memorable and compelling. If your middle name has a nice ring to it, use it. You might want to have a look to see that the name is available and has not been registered by another business.

What is a good name for an art business?

That depends on the brand and products, and the audience you are hoping to reach. If your business is quirky and sells funny, light-hearted motivational prints, names like "Aura Pop" or "Crackle Print" would fit. A fine art studio might prefer names such as "Fine Strokes" or "Easel Heart." A name like "Mood Motif" suits a decor business quite well.

What are cool art business names for Instagram?

  • Aura Pop.
  • Crackle Print.
  • MooDoodle.
  • Snap Dada.

What are some good art studio names?

  • Candid Brush.
  • Vibrant Safari.
  • Fine Strokes.
  • Easel Heart.

What are some creative art business names?

  • Aura Pop.
  • MooDoodle.
  • SnapDada.
  • Sublime Muse.

What are some string art business names?

  • Hype Weave.
  • TheKnot.
  • Dangled.
  • Thread Head.

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