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Metal Art Business Name Ideas:


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1.Iron Maiden Art

Referencing the famous metal band "Iron Maiden," this name is ideal for a business that creates female-inspired sculptures or products.

2.Polished Chrome

A creative name that suggests your metal artwork gets plated with chrome, making it more durable and weather-proof. The word "polished" adds a feeling of refinement to the name.

3.Forged in Flames

This alliterative name gives a subtle nod to the artistry behind metalwork and generates a powerful image of metal being hammered and shaped in a fire.

4.Alchemical Creations

"Alchemical" refers to a process of taking an ordinary material and turning it into something extraordinary. This inventive name is perfect for a variety of metal art businesses.

5.The Bronze Studio

A modern and stylish name that suggests your sculptures are made from bronze. Well-suited to a metal art studio.

6.Pearlite Perfection

"Pearlite" can be found in various types of steel and implies that your creations are as beautiful as pearls. The word "perfection" lets customers know that your work is precise and refined.

7.Full Metal Art

A play on the beloved animated series "Full Metal Alchemist," this clever name is an awesome choice for a business that works with a large variety of metals.


A memorable name that expands on the process of metal art creation. Customers will be enticed to learn more about your business and creative process.

9.Renaissance Metal Work

Timeless and classic, this name harkens back to a time when spectacular metal sculptures were all the rage. A good choice for a business that specializes in intricate and detailed metal art.

10.Metallurgy Mode

"Metallurgy" refers to the science of metals and alloys, which is fitting for a business that creates a wide variety of metal artworks. "Mode" could hint at your experience and expertise.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How do you name a metal art company?

  • Research existing metal art companies and identify what you like about their names.
  • Jot down a few keywords that best describe the materials you use to create metal artwork.
  • Feed these keywords into a business name generator.
  • Choose some of your favorite names and show them to friends, family, or potential customers.
  • Analyze their feedback and select the name that was the most liked.
  • Check if the name is available and secure it.

What is a good name for a metal craft business?

  • Alchemical Creations.
  • Full Metal Art.
  • Polished Chrome.
  • Renaissance Metal Work.

What are some good steel shop name ideas?

  • Pearlite Perfection.
  • Metallurgy Mode.
  • Fire&Earth.
  • Forged in Flames.

What are some creative metal art shop name ideas?

  • The Bronze Studio.
  • Alchemical Creations.
  • Polished Chrome.
  • Metallurgy Mode.

Where can I find a metal art business name generator?

You can head over to NameSnack to create a name unique to your metal art business. Alternatively, see our list of metal art business names to spark your imagination.

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