Shopping Business Name Ideas:


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1. Dashing & Co.

An attractive name that's ideal for a masculine brand that wants to communicate quick service and quality products. "Dashing" denotes elegance and style, qualities that could attract an upscale target market. The inclusion of "Co." accentuates the name's professional appeal.

2. Click-n-Dine

A modern grocery store app will enjoy marketing this descriptive brand name. "Click" hints that customers will have plenty to choose from and promises fast service. "Dine" highlights your area of expertise while also emphasizing the name's promise of efficiency.

3. The Vintage Click

If you want your brand to reflect a classic aesthetic, this descriptive name is your perfect match. "Vintage" allows you more branding possibilities while highlighting your business's niche. "Click" has two meanings in this context, which could refer to either an inside "clique" or an online store.

4. Cart It

This punchy name is creative and marketable, making it ideal for promotional items and website banners. Perfect for both an online and physical shopping business, the name inspires customers to fill up their carts with your wide range of products.

5. The Hanger

A unique but memorable choice for a shopping business that sells elegant clothing. "The" has a sophisticated and authoritative ring to it, which adds to the name's maturity, while "Hanger" ingeniously conjures up images of exquisite garments hanging on sleek hangers.

6. Chic Carts

The repetition of the "C" sound makes this a memorable choice that's perfect for marketing initiatives and word-of-mouth advertising. "Chic" suggests that your shopping business specializes in all things hip and stylish, while "Carts" denotes variety and offers plenty of logo inspiration.

7. Bustle

Because a "bustling" retail market necessitates mental foresight and hustle, this short and memorable name is ideal for an online e-commerce company. "Bustle," a smart combination of "basket" and "hustle," promotes innovation and has a lot of personality, which works well for online marketing.

8. Urban Envy

A unique, contemporary name that oozes intrigue and effortless charm. The word "Urban" conjures up ideas of cityscapes and street-style apparel, while the word "Envy" adds to the name's edgy appeal. Matched with dark color combinations and Gothic imagery, this name will certainly make a statement.

9. Shopko

This trendy name suits a shopping business that wants to build a modern and dependable brand identity. While the word "Shopko" is unique and abstract, it still manages to identify your target market and presents plenty of room for brand expansion possibilities.

10. The Shopper's Corner

This simple but clever name sounds like a neighborhood favorite, a design choice that works well in marketing initiatives. "Shopper's" implies that your business is the number one choice for expert shoppers, while "Corner" hints at an intimate store that stocks all the basic necessities.

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More Shopping Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Shopping Business Names:

  • Sparkle & Scissor.
  • Lofty Locker.
  • Dazzled by Design.
  • Fashionable Attic.
  • Chloe's Closet.

Modern Shopping Business Names:

  • Ivy Collection Inc.
  • Truly Yours Boutique.
  • Petit Vanity.
  • Velvet Revive.
  • HighTrend Boutique.

Shopping Mall Names:

  • Boulder Plaza Mall.
  • Century Park Mall.
  • Ecco Parkland.
  • Canyon Meadows Mall.
  • WaterWay Shopping.

Good Shopping Business Names:

  • Huns & Blushes.
  • Fast Buy Express.
  • Just Bargainz.
  • Thrifted Delights.
  • Top Floor Outfitters.

Smart Shopping Business Names:

  • The Sleek Closet.
  • Plateau Boutique.
  • Everglades.
  • Collective Attitudes.
  • Molly's Treasures.


How do I name my shopping business?

  1. Consider your target market, specialty, and list of products on offer.
  2. Identify keywords and phrases that best describe your brand.
  3. Use a business name generator for inspiration.
  4. Ask friends and family for their honest feedback.
  5. Conduct a name availability search.
  6. Choose the business name with the best response and register it.

Where can I find some shopping business name ideas?

You can peruse our list of name examples for inspiration, or use NameSnack to create your own.

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