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Used Bookstore Business Name Ideas:


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1. Loved Bookstore

Lovely name for a used bookstore. Could refer to used books who have been well-loved over the years.

2. My Books Thrift

With a personalized touch, this name sounds approachable. Pays a subtle but clever nod to thrifting.

3. The Collection Love

A pretty choice. "Collection" promises variety and "love" is a great way to describe used books.

4. Bookstore Dash

This modern and creative name hints that your services are fast. Could work for an online bookstore.

5. Second Lit

"Lit" references "literature" and "second" defines your business as a secondhand store.

6. My Archives Shop

Has a familiar feel, adding a sense of trust. Perfect name for those who sell used history books.

7. One Stop Edition

An intriguing name. "One stop" also hints that you're the number one place for first edition books.

8. My Edition Buyers

The ideal name for a used bookstore that typically resources first and/or limited edition books.

9. Lit Buyers

Defines your business as the number one spot for those looking to sell and/or buy used books.

10. Bookstore Thrift

A clever way to reference thrift stores which are also known for selling secondhand items.

Bookstore Business Names

Catchy name ideas for your bookstore business.

More Used Bookstore Business Name Ideas:

Good Used Bookstore Names:

  • Refresh Reads.
  • The Novel Champ.
  • The Loved Book Shop.
  • Dreamland Classics.
  • The Epilogue.

Creative Used Bookstore Names:

  • Books of Me.
  • The Binding Shop.
  • Good-As-New.
  • Red Owl Books.
  • The Phoenix Reader.

Magical Used Bookstore Business Names:

  • The Witches' Ward.
  • Fantasy Land Books & Comics.
  • Trilogy of Magic.
  • The Secret Library.
  • Knights of Knovels.

Clever Used Bookstore Business Names:

  • The Book Stitch.
  • Little Joy Literature.
  • Unbound City.
  • Tales of Imagination.
  • The Reading Rabbit.

Great Online Used Bookstore Names:

  • The Bookoid.
  • Hobbit's Book Shop.
  • One Click Books.
  • I-Literature.
  • Chapters Only.


How do I choose a name for my used bookstore?

  1. Comb over your business plan and marketing strategies.
  2. Consider your brand, target market, and the ambiance you want to create.
  3. Brainstorm name ideas and share them with trusted peers.
  4. Use online surveys and a business name generator for inspiration.
  5. Conduct a name availability search with the state.
  6. Choose the right name and register it.

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