A good proofreader can turn a good manuscript into a great one by catching even the smallest errors in the text. When you're naming your proofreading business, you will want to choose a name that suggests accuracy and efficiency. We've come up with a list of 10 possible proofreading business names to get you started.

Proofreading Business Name Ideas:

1.ProofreadStyleThis name tells people exactly what you do and how you do it - with style.
2.ReflectCopySuggestive of a proofreader who carefully reflects upon the copy that is submitted to them.
3.CopyStyleAn attractive name for a proofreading service that helps writers brush up their style.
4.GoProofreadStraight to the point, this name suggests that you don't waste any time.
5.ExpertServicesAlthough this name is a bit generic, it leaves room for additional services like style editing.
6.ExpertEditGive your customers confidence in your work by claiming "expert" status.
7.FastProofreadingWriters are always on a deadline, so the promise of speed is sure to get you a second look.
8.PalProofreading"Pal" make this name friendly and suggests a supportive approach to proofreading.
9.WorldProofreadingIf you work with international authors, this descriptive name could help you stand out.
10.ProofreadingEpicAn epic is a long story, but used cleverly here it also suggests "epic" service.

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What's another word for proofreading?

Proofreading is also sometimes called copyediting or proofing.

What is a proofreader called?

A proofreader is sometimes called proof or an editor, although editor generally refers to a wider range of responsibilities that go beyond proofreading a text.

What are some creative proofreading business names?

  • ProofreadStyle.
  • ReflectCopy.
  • CopyStyle.
  • GoProofread.
  • ExpertServices.
  • ExpertEdit.

What are some cool proofreading business names?

  • FastProofreading.
  • PalProofreading.
  • WorldProofreading.
  • ProofreadingEpic.
  • GoProofread.
  • ExpertEdit.

Where can I find a proofreading business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate proofreading business names for free. Simply describe your business in a few words and NameSnack will generate dozens of ideas in seconds.

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