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Speakeasy Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Flapper Era

This name perfectly mirrors the era of the speakeasy without giving away the kind of business it is.

2. The Collective Swing

"Swing" is a type of dance that was popular in the 1920s and is a subtle nod to your speakeasy.

3. Urban Theater

With your speakeasy hidden somewhere in the city, the whole city is your playground.

4. Gangster Era

Prohibition was a time of gangsters. Bring this era to life with this exciting name.

5. The Vigilante

"Vigilante" can refer to speakeasy owners taking over the law by selling illegal alcohol.

6. The Underground Flourish

This creative name highlights the secretive nature of the speakeasy.

7. Prohibition Flair

Somewhat more obvious, this name tells customers what kind of vibe they can expect at your club.

8. Forgotten Midnight

Both words in this secretive name refer to the discreet nature of the speakeasy.

9. Supposedly Prohibition

A quirky name that pokes fun at the idea of prohibition while also celebrating the 1920s style.

10. Roaring Revolution

"Roaring" references the "roaring twenties" nickname, when speakeasies were at their most popular.

1920s Gangster Business Names

Sleek and cool 1920s gangster-style name ideas for your business.

More Speakeasy Business Name Ideas:

Catchy 1920s Speakeasy Names:

  • Lobby's Speakeasy.
  • 1920 Cell Bar.
  • Dead End Speakeasy.
  • Roaring Twenties Lounge.
  • Le Speakeasy Café.

Funny Speakeasy Names:

  • Last Laugh Bar.
  • Under The Table Pub.
  • The Show Stealer.
  • Uncle Hush Bar.
  • Bloody Nonsense Collective.

Unique Speakeasy Bar Names:

  • Raunchy Ruby's.
  • The Blue Bassoon.
  • Flappers' Run.
  • The Smokey Sapphire.
  • Chez Madame.

Cool Speakeasy Names:

  • Taste of Revolution.
  • Hidden Rosé.
  • Secret Punch.
  • The Velvet Bomb.
  • The Undercover.

Unique Hidden Bar Names:

  • The Hidden Seat.
  • The Rebel's Tongue.
  • The Hidden Speakeasy.
  • Vintage Secret Lab.
  • Hidden Art Noir.

Clever Speakeasy Business Names:

  • The Word of Mouth.
  • Luminative Noir.
  • Silent Film Bar.
  • Urban Underground.
  • Hush Loud.

Good 1920s Bar Names:

  • Lost Cabaret.
  • The Burlesque Works.
  • 20s Vaudeville.
  • The Hidden Cherry.
  • Charleston Desk.

Great Speakeasy Names:

  • A Masquerade Ball.
  • Rebel of Paradise.
  • Viva Rumors.
  • Nouveau Speakeasy.
  • Shadow Stairway Bar.

Creative Prohibition Bar Names:

  • The Prohibition Act.
  • True Story Tavern.
  • Mystic Revelations.
  • Mimosa Speakeasy.
  • Mata Hari Legacy.

Good Speakeasy Names:

  • Dark Velvet Lounge.
  • Flapperjack.
  • The Silky Croc.
  • Moonshine Meet.
  • The Blind Badger.


How do I choose the best speakeasy business name?

  1. Go over your business plan and customer profile and list some keywords.
  2. Add industry-related keywords to your list.
  3. Combine keywords or put them through a business name generator to create new name ideas.
  4. Google your favorite name ideas and check for domain and state availability.
  5. Ask friends and potential customers for feedback on your top choices.
  6. Secure the name.

What are some famous speakeasy names?

  • The Raines Law Room.
  • The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.
  • Bourbon & Branch.
  • Cloak Room.
  • Angel's Share.
  • The Varnish.
  • Townhouse & The Del Monte.
  • Chumley’s.

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