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1920s Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Charleston

By naming your business after this fun, energetic, and stylish dance of the 1920s, you will tell clients that these characteristics are associated with your brand. It will work for any entertainment or food-related business.

2. Bee's Knees

If you want people to know you are the best at what you do, this prominent idiom from the 1920s says it all. The name adds a playful element to your brand and is ideal for both adult and children's products or services.

3. Hotsy-Totsy

Stylish, yet fun. This name speaks of glamour and perfection and will be great for a women's jewelry or clothing boutique. The name brings images of gold and pearls to mind.

4. Jake

Jake is a slang word saying everything is okay. This is a great name for a business in the food and drink industry as it offers comfort and assurance to patrons.

5. Roarin'

The 1920s were fondly known as the Roaring 20s, as this era paved the way for new beginnings and inventions. If you are intent on being inventive and thinking out of the box, then choose this name for your business.

6. Zozzle

To zozzle refers to having a good time out drinking with friends. This is a great name for a bar or pub with a 1920s theme. The name is fun and catchy and will be easy to remember.

7. Flapper

If your aim is to set trends and break all barriers, then this name, associated with the women of the 1920s who wore short skirts and bob hairstyles, is the name for your business. Use it for a fashion-related business.

8. Jazzy

A fitting tribute to the era is to name your business after this smooth music genre that peaked in the 1920s. The name, just as the music, is soothing and captivating.

9. Blak Swan

Not only does this name refer to the rare bird but also something that is unanticipated. Black swans are also associated with jazz and blues in the 1920s. Misspelling the word 'black' adds a modern element to the name.

10. Harlem

A reference to this African-American neighborhood is associated with literacy, artistry, and cultural development. If these are the fields your business will operate in, then this is a great name for your business.

11. Auto T

If you are in the automobile industry, a tribute to the Model T Ford is a great idea for a business name. The coming of the car changed humanity forever, and this can be true of your business.

12. Capone's Cuisine

Al Capone and his love for all things rich and tasty are some of the best-known tales of the 1920s. The alliteration of the 'C' makes the name catchy.

13. Daring

True to its reputation, the 1920s was a time for daring experiments and testing boundaries. If your business is innovative and trend-setting, then a name saying that you are willing to put yourself out there is a good choice.

14. Rosy Lace

1920s fashion trends are all about lace and soft colors, like rose and peach. The era is also known for the uprise of femininity and individuality amongst women. If your target market is women, then the association with these fashion elements will be beneficial.

15. Gatsby's Place

Gatsby is a famous literary character known for his flamboyant lifestyle, romanticism, and mysterious personality. All of this made the novel, the Great Gatsby, infamous since the 1920s. By choosing his name, you bring these characteristics and flamboyance to your business.

16. Joe's House of Jazz

Jazz music originated in the 1920s and is still a famous music genre across the globe. The music has a romantic yet rebellious side, saying that you will break with tradition when necessary. If you like to shake things up, choose this name.

17. Charlie and the Duke's

If you want to add an artistic yet fun theme to your 1920s-styled business, a reference to Charlie Chaplin and Duke Ellington will speak volumes. As these two gentlemen set the bars for the future of performing arts, your business will be known for setting the standard.

18. Bell Sleeves & Boatlines

These two fashion trends set the stage for more casual looks after the First World War, when women decided to dress more comfortably. This name will work for boutiques or vintage clothing stores.

19. The Black Beret

The French beret, especially in black, became an iconic fashion icon in the 1920s as it suited the more relaxed style of women's fashion. This trend was lead by the artistic community in France. If your business sets trends, choose this name. It will work for restaurants or clothing stores.

20. Swanky

If your product is upscale and glitzy, this slang word from the 1920s will express this to your customers. It has a fun element but still speaks to a serious fashion sense. This name is an excellent choice for a fashion-related business or a fancy restaurant.

Dainty Business Names

Captivating name ideas for your dainty business.

More 1920s Business Name Ideas:

Classic 1920s Business Names:

  • The Jazz Age Room.
  • Lacey’s Lane.
  • Racoon 'n' Style.
  • Silky Sins.
  • Berries & Steam.

Catchy 1920s Business Names:

  • Extra & Vagant.
  • The Fringe Bobs.
  • More Glam & Glitz.
  • Roaring Goods.
  • Flaunting Flappers.


How do I come up with a 1920s business name?

  1. Do some research on the era and the inventions of the time that changed the face of history.
  2. Read up on the industry you will be operating in and write down some keywords.
  3. Look at the slang of the time and the styles that were prevalent.
  4. Combine your keywords with a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask for feedback from your friends and family.
  6. Check if your favorite name is available.
  7. Register the name.

What are some famous businesses founded in the 1920s?

  • Walt Disney Corporation.
  • RadioShack.
  • Winn-Dixie Stores.
  • CVS Pharmacies.
  • Burlington Coat Factory.

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