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Jazz Club Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Bad Oboe

Pairing slang and the least expected instrument creates a unique and fresh name.

2. The Cat's Meow

A term used to describe something as really good and fresh. This is a strong and evocative name.

3. Zoot Up

A play on the phrase, "suit up!" Swapping "suit" for "zoot" creates a stylish, jazzy name.

4. Smokin' Java

An evocative name that is ideal for a jazzy coffee shop.

5. Bird Bridge

By pairing two words from jazz terminology, we've created this evocative, alliterative name.

6. The Moldy Fig

A moldy fig is someone who holds onto jazz as it was before the 1920s; a purist.

7. Icy Hot's

This contradiction makes for a compelling and super fresh name.

8. Woodshed

A term used to describe the practice required to master a piece of music.

9. Blue Cosmos

A beautiful and striking name that evokes the idea of a universe of jazz.

10. The Apricot

Apricots are good for jam, and the jam is what jazz is all about.

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More Jazz Club Business Name Ideas:

Creative Jazz Club Names:

  • The Syncopation Station.
  • Jazz Hands.
  • The Major Minor.
  • Swing on Over.
  • The Bebop Bar.

Unique Jazz Club Names:

  • The Stylin' Groove.
  • House of Swing.
  • The Final Cadence.
  • Call & Response.
  • The Hot Plate.

Catchy Jazz Club Names:

  • The Jazz Lab.
  • Big Band Bar.
  • The Jazz Standard.
  • Riff & Rhythm.
  • Take Five.

Crazy Jazz Club Names:

  • Jazzmatazz.
  • Razzle Ragtime.
  • Mad Jazz.
  • Gig It!
  • Cats of Jazz.

Underground Jazz Club Names:

  • The Jazz Basement.
  • Jazz Jams.
  • The Major Minor.
  • The Duke of Jazz.
  • The Pentatonic.


What were some all-time famous jazz clubs?

  • Fern Dance Hall.
  • Dog House.
  • The Cadillac Club.
  • Village Vanguard.
  • The Blue Note.
  • Preservation Hall.
  • Bimhuis.
  • The Jazz Gallery.

What should I name my jazz club?

To find a name for your jazz club, consider using jazz lingo and terminology — even theory — as well as the history and culture of jazz. Do a little research to find jazz-related phrases and words that jive with your business's core values. There are no rules, but you want the name to be fresh. Try our business name generator, or have a look at our jazz club business name ideas for inspiration.

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