Champagne Bar Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Flute Tap

"Tap" creates the image of a flow of champagne and plays on "on tap," meaning readily available.

2. The Open Social

This name frames your bar as a welcoming place to meet people.

3. Club Flute

"Flute" represents champage in this name as the drink is often served in this kind of glass.

4. The High Champagne

"High" makes this bar sound elite and fancy.

5. Flute Absolute

The rhyme in this name makes it fun and catchy.

6. Bubbly Club

The "u" sound repeated in this name makes it catchy, and the word "bubbly" gives it a fun feeling.

7. Flute Meet

The short syllables in this name make it catchy and easy to remember.

8. Live Flute

"Live" in this name suggests that visiting this bar is embracing a lifestyle, making it special.

9. True Flute

"True" suggests that there is an authenticity to the bar and its drinks.

10. Pure Flute

"Pure" can suggest that the champagne served is high quality, or that it is the only drink served.

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More Champagne Bar Business Name Ideas:

Unique Champagne Bar Business Names:

  • FizzMaster.
  • House of Champagne.
  • Flute 'n' Booze.
  • Gold Fizz Club.
  • Fizzy Grapes.

Catchy Champagne Bar Business Names:

  • The Clicquot Clique.
  • The Fancy Flute.
  • Champagniacs.
  • Fizzy & Fancy.
  • The Grape Bar.

Memorable Champagne Bar Names:

  • Bubbly Bar.
  • Bistrot Champagne.
  • Bubbly Nectar Bar.
  • The Fizzy Flute.
  • Chic Champagne.

Cool Champagne Bar Business Names:

  • La Champagnerie.
  • Fizzology.
  • Bubbly Brothers.
  • Bar à Champagne.
  • The Champagne Lab.

Creative Champagne Bar Names:

  • Bar 1693.
  • The Exploding Cork.
  • Clink & Drink.
  • Echanted Flutes.
  • Joli Bubbles.

Classy Champagne Bar Names:

  • The Pérignon.
  • The Golden Flute.
  • Maison Möet.
  • The Parisian Terrace.
  • Soirée Dorée.


How do I choose a champagne bar business name?

  1. Make a list of potential names and keywords.
  2. Use a business name generator to come up with new keyword combinations.
  3. Ask potential customers which names they like.
  4. Show the names to friends and family to see which names they like.
  5. Check with your state to see if any of your potential names are registered.
  6. Secure the name.

What are some famous champagne bar business names?

  • Le Bar du Plaza Athénée.
  • RM Champagne Salon.
  • Nimb Bar.
  • Bar Américain.
  • Fizz.

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