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Spa Business Name Ideas:


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1. Sunburst Spa

This charming name conjures images of summer days spent lounging by the pool and basking in the sun. It is suggestive of a spa that aims to make clients feel radiant and refreshed. The word "Sun" offers lots of great branding possibilities.

2. Sculpture Wellness

This is a professional name that conveys authority. "Sculpture" suggests that your spa offers body sculpting services, while "Wellness" implies that your business aims to bring healing, peace, and balance to clients.

3. Spa Aromatique

"Aromatique" means "aromatic" in French, and is an excellent descriptor of a spa that uses fragrant oils and creams to pamper clients. The name sounds elegant and is ideal for a spa with a sophisticated, refined aesthetic.

4. Honey's Glow

A sweet name that's ideal for a spa that wants to convey a sense of friendliness and approachability, "Honey's" indicates that your brand uses organic, natural ingredients during treatments. Meanwhile, "Glow" will entice customers to try your rejuvenating spa services.

5. My Beauty Boutique

This strong name uses alliteration to enhance its uniqueness and memorability. "Beauty" hints that your spa offers a variety of beautification services, such as manicures and facials. "Boutique" lets clients know that your establishment is intimate and personable.

6. Jasmine Warmth

"Jasmine" refers to a fragrant flower that symbolizes love, beauty, and purity. It's a great descriptor of a spa that uses jasmine-scented products to promote relaxation. "Warmth" adds a personable and charming touch to the name.

7. Shine Body Shop

This is a playful name that suggests your business will have clients looking and feeling radiant in no time. "Body Shop" lets clients know that your brand is all about skincare, beauty, and wellness. It's the ideal choice for a spa that offers an assortment of beautification services.

8. Vita Bella Spa

Translating to "beautiful life" in Italian, this sweet name suggests that your spa offers luxurious treatments using high-quality products. The word "Bella" often refers to a beautiful woman and offers lots of good branding opportunities.

9. Bumble & Blume

A whimsical name that's original and fun, "Bumble" conjures images of sweet little buzzing bees and is sublime for a spa that offers specialized packages, such as "mommy and me" treatments. "Blume" is a variant of the word "bloom" and indicates a brand that values rebirth and rejuvenation.

10. Soul Spa Co.

This cute name uses alliteration of the "S" to create a singsong quality that's hard to forget. "Soul" implies that your spa offers treatments that will help clients reconnect with their inner self, while "Co." hints at your professional and high-quality services.

11. Luxurious Hour

As many spa sessions last for an hour, this name advertises the type of sessions people can expect. The word "Luxurious" indicates the high quality and style that customers can expect, and highlights your spa's exclusive services.

12. The Soothe Day

This name plays on "spa day" and suggests that the entire experience will be soothing. It is a great branding opportunity that will yield some great slogan and logo ideas. This business name will leave customers longing for a visit to your spa.

13. Pamperise

This made-up verb is fun and catchy while maintaining the message of being a place of pampering. The way this name idea rolls off the tongue makes it memorable and will ensure customers will keep coming back to experience your pampering treatments!

14. Pamper Sauna

This name advertises your sauna facilities while emphasizing that the treatments are pampering. It evokes images of lounging in a steamy room, feeling your worries, stresses, and toxins melting away.

15. RefreshRest

This name combines two words that most spa clients seek from their experience in a fun, memorable way. The alliteration of the "R" is catchy and inspires ideas of coming out of your spa feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

How to Name a Spa Business

A nine-step process to naming a spa.

More Spa Business Name Ideas:

Vintage Spa Business Names:

  • Marigold Oasis.
  • The Lavish Scrub.
  • Glow Soothe.
  • BlissSymphony.
  • House of Revival.

Fancy Spa Names:

  • The Wellness Temple.
  • Jewel of Luxury.
  • Lavender Blue.
  • Exquisit Serenity.
  • Gold Spa.

Exotic Spa Names:

  • Innana's Studio.
  • The Temazcal Experience.
  • Dharma Salon.
  • Cleopatra's Parlor.
  • Ananda Spa.

Catchy Day Spa Business Names:

  • The Pamper Parlour.
  • Buonavita Spa.
  • Wellness Resort.
  • New Me.
  • Muddy Beauty.

Unique Day Spa Names:

  • Royal Avenue.
  • Golden Day Spa.
  • Me Time.
  • Relax Temple
  • My Spa Day.

Interesting Spa Package Business Names:

  • It's a Wrap!
  • Mudology.
  • Indulge Yourself.
  • Me Day.
  • Spatisfaction.

Cute Spa Names:

  • Fairy's Retreat.
  • Lilac Aroma.
  • The Calm Cove.
  • Serenity Lotus.
  • Jade Sky Retreat.

Modern Spa Names:

  • Happy Aura Spa.
  • Eden Retreat.
  • Pearl Oasis.
  • The Divine Exhale.
  • White Lilly Spa.


Where can I find a spa name generator?

You can use NameSnack to create an original name for your spa business. Alternatively, see our list of spa business names for inspiration,

How do I choose a name for my day spa?

  1. Write down keywords or name ideas.
  2. Find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create unique names.
  4. Show these names to potential clients to see which they like.
  5. Ask friends and family for their opinions.
  6. Check to see if your potential names are already registered with the state.
  7. Secure your name.

What are some famous day spa names?

  • Spa Montage Beverly Hills.
  • Lapis Spa.
  • LakeHouse Spa.
  • Mii Amo.
  • Chuan Spa.
  • The Spa at Terranea.

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