Deciding on a distinctive name for a massage business can be challenging. You want your name to stand out and be easy to remember, while still sounding professional and inviting to customers. Below, we have put together a list of interesting name ideas for a massage business to help make the naming process easier for you.

Massage Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.My Aromatherapy Spa

Suggests a range of aromatherapy treatments on offer. "My" personalizes the experience for clients.

2.Spa Soothe

The alliteration in this name evokes feelings of relaxation. Rolls nicely off the tongue.

3.Comforting Spa

A simple yet effective name telling customers what they can expect from your massage business.


A smooth name for a spa or supply store. Alludes to the calming effect of massage therapy.

5.Soothe Logic

An impactful name suggesting that treatments are devised for physical and spiritual well-being.

6.Therapeutic Glow

"Glow" implies that clients will look and feel radiant after experiencing your treatments.

7.Comforting Pass

"Pass" implies massage therapy on-the-go. An ideal name for a mobile massage business.

8.Massage Prime

"Prime" reflects a strong sensibility and knowledge of the central tenets of massage therapy.

9.Relaxation Mark

Ideal name for a massage training institute. "Mark" might refer to the indentations of "cupping."

10.Relaxation Post

A catchy name for a retail store where massage products are sold.

How to Name a Massage Business

A 9-Step Process to Naming a Massage Business

Massage Therapy Business Names

Find a unique and compelling name for your massage therapy business.

Tui Na Business Names

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What should I name my massage business?

  • Create a list of keywords and synonyms related to massage therapy.
  • Put these words together to create names or run them through NameSnack to get ideas.
  • Ask friends and potential customers for feedback.
  • Check the availability of your shortlisted names with the state.
  • Check domain availability.
  • Make a choice.
  • Secure your name.

What are some good massage spa names?

  • Therapeutic Glow.
  • My Aromatherapy Spa.
  • Sootheness.
  • Spa Soothe.

What are some famous massage business names?

  • Ginkgo Petite Spa.
  • Zen Shiatsu Chicago.
  • Omni Oasis Spa & Massage.
  • Elements Massage.
  • Soma Massage Therapy.
  • Lake George Massage & Day Spa.

What are some catchy massage business names?

  • Sootheness.
  • Soothe Logic.
  • Relaxation Mark.
  • Relaxation Post.

What are some unique massage business names?

  • Comforting Pass.
  • Massage Prime.
  • Therapeutic Glow.
  • Comforting Spa.

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