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Beauty Centre Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Make Me Pretty

A simple and memorable name for your beauty centre.

2. Beautify

A glamorous, confident, and all-encompassing name idea.

3. The Beauty Place

Indicates a one-stop shop for all things beauty related. Simple and to the point.

4. Shimmer Beauty Centre

Patrons will leave with a soft glow after a beauty treatment, just like a star shimmering at night.

5. Chic-a-licious

Smart, elegant, and sophisticated. Representative of a fashionable lifestyle and ideology.

6. Evolve

Powerful. Indicates an alignment with a higher self and a manifestation of a life meant to live.

7. Glo

Short and sweet, but still impactful. Who doesn't want to stand out after being beautified?

8. The Beauty Lounge

"Lounge" indicates luxury, comfort, and relaxation.

9. The Retreat

Familiar and simple. Here clients will come and recuperate before taking on the world again.

10. Dollie Me Up

A fun name that will resonate with clients that want to be made to feel pretty.

More Beauty Centre Business Name Ideas:

Playful Beauty Centre Names:

  • Be-You-Ty Centre.
  • Beautifly.
  • Bare Belle.
  • Beauty & Ballsy.
  • Byuti and the Best.

Stylish Beauty Centre Names:

  • Golden Aura Beauty.
  • Angel & Rose.
  • The Lovely Looker.
  • New U Goddess.
  • Fine Wine Femme.


What should I consider when deciding on names for my beauty centre business?

  1. Consider your offerings.
  2. Jot down all the keywords that come to mind.
  3. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your keywords.
  4. Combine your keywords manually to create some names.
  5. Feed your keywords into a business name generator to discover even more name ideas.
  6. Ask family and friends for feedback on your favorite ideas.
  7. Review their feedback and pick the best name.
  8. Check if this name is available.
  9. Trademark and register your name.

How do I know if my beauty centre business name is good?

Check your business name with friends, family, and likely customers. Make sure it's easy to remember, pronounce, and gives a sense of what makes your beauty centre business special.

What are some real-life beauty centre names?

  • The Beauty Centre Spa & Salon.
  • Baltic Beauty Cosmedical Center.
  • New York Beauty Center.
  • Glamour Beauty Center.
  • Image Beauty Center & Beauty Cuties.

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